India wrap • Some photos of my own

February 23, 2017

India wrap - A few photos of my own

Been spending a lot of time getting to know my couch again. Jet lag has been particularly tough this time around. However, it has given me some time to play around with my own photos.

I decided to post some of the shots I took of people while walking the streets of Mumbai, Jodhpur and Udaipur.

Nice to have the photos to look back on, because the whole thing feels like a dream now.

Alan did an incredible job of capturing India. I learned so much watching how he approached his work. He's a true pro.

We took a lot of video of the harvest. We even hired some guys to take some drone footage. We can't wait to show you, though it will take some time to put it all together.

Thanks so much for following our journey. Can't tell you how much fun it was to have your support from so far away.

Time for another nap...

Fruit market salesman drinking masala chai in Mumbai
Dadar Flower Market. Took this one with my iPhone!
Yellow flower market guy
The roses of Mumbai
Boy at the Dhobi Ghat open air laundry in Mumbai
Going bananas in Mumbai
Best friends
Girl on cell call at the Centrail Railway Station in Mumbai
I like how much is going on in this photo.
A fellow spice salesman? He looks reluctant too.
This little guy loved having his photo taken.
On the streets of Jodhpur
I love these two guys from Jodhpur, how they're sitting and their outfits.
Just peeked in on her. She smiled after the shot.
These guys spoke such good English. They were proud to have me take their photo.
The little brother was a little less sure about the photo op.
This man was at a Hindu temple. He was happy to talk to me. But I didn't understand a word he was saying.
Bike repair guy with his morning chai. That is the size of his shop.
I just liked his face and asked if I could take his photo. Like I said, most consider it a compliment.
This woman is a street cleaner in Jodhpur, India.
I caught this woman's eye from across the street. She invited me into her shop to take her picture. I smile every time I look at her photo.
He looks mad, but he's not.
This boy was really proud to have me take his photo. I love that his jacket color matches the bike.
This older lady was happy to take a shot.
A typical street scene in Udaipur, India.
The local sewing shop in Udaipur.
Three chais and two guys.
News stoop.
Dusk in Udaipur
Local girl in Udaipur
General store, Udaipur
From the streets of Udaipur
From the streets of Udaipur

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