"The Reluctant Trading Experiment imports truly the finest Tellicherry Peppercorns we have ever seen. The flavor and fragrance is comparable to the complex notes of a fine aged wine."
– Ava Gene's Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Named one of the best restaurants in the USA by Bon Appetit

“I love Reluctant Trading for its outstanding ground turmeric and Tellicherry peppercorns—best you can get. So complex.”
– Bonnie Morales, Kachka Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Quoted in Bon Appetit Feature "10 Great Online Specialty Food Stores."

"My world has changed since I started using their amazing spices."
– Lena's Kitchen Blog,, award-winning national food blogger 

Based on 227 reviews
Best Pepper Ever

A colleague told me about Reluctant Trading Co. years ago and I have been buying my pepper from them ever since - no other pepper compares! I've since fallen in love with their chai and curry blends too.

Great Wine Tote!

Absolutely love the wine tote!
Great design and high quality fabric!
Wonderful customer service!

great texture

very salty, flaky and crunchy. great for finishing

Very satisfied

The Tellicherry peppercorns I ordered were all uniformly large in size, very flavorful. My wife loved the glass science flask they came in. Quick shipping, nice follow up from customer service. Wish the price was a bit lower, but I'll probably order again.

Just plain remarkable

I have asthma and allergies and am currently in the "not tasting much" season. Still I ordered this pepper based on reviews. My husband loves it. LOVES it. And then we shared it around our foodie friends, and all asked for info. to order it themselves. My "pepper afficianado" friend says this is the best ever. I can't wait for frost, to get over hay fever and give it a full try myself.


excellent quality spices


Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns, Divakar's No. 004, Restaurant Variety

Peppery enlightenment

Divakar's No. 004 has changed my outlook on pepper as a standard table spice. I never understood why black pepper had earned a place of such prominence alongside table salt, until I experienced freshly ground Divakar's No. 004. Now I understand.

Nice Kick!

These peppercorns remind me of what you get at a fancy restaurant when you get a caesar salad and the waiter brings out the 2 foot long grinder to spice it to your taste. Fresh and spicey flavor, excellent for cooking and salads. Not your ordinary pepper.

-Dan in Towson

Reluctant Trading Fan!!

The only place I know of to buy the world's greatest pepper, salt or you-name-it grinders. I buy multiples when they're in stock to give as gifts. Then you become addicted to the salt and peppercorns ....


Delivered quickly and as advertised. Excellent vendor

It's Still Salt and Pepper, But Really Good Salt and Pepper

First off, you need to understand that this isn't magic. Don't get your expectations TOO high. It's really good, high quality salt and pepper, and it tastes amazing on lots of food (especially eggs), and I'm happy I bought it. But I think I was expecting to have my life changed upon eating this salt and pepper, only to never be able to go back to regular stuff. This isn't the case, but I still enjoy this product. The pepper mill was insanely good, and really smooth. Personally, I wish I would have bought a mill for my salt as well, because it's really coarse and kinda hard to crush between your fingers. I know it's a finishing salt, so I'm not too worried about it. In my opinion, it looks cooler than regular salt and it makes people think you're insanely fancy, which you are.

Overall, good products. Great site, and I love the sense of humor here. Give this stuff a try, or at least order some as a gift for family and friends.

Five Star, no doubt!

Davikar's No.004. Difference is amazing from store bought. Excellent taste and so aromatic. Yours forever. Gloria & Terry Martin

Reliable and High Quality

So glad I took a chance with your company. This was not my first order and I will remain a loyal customer. The quality of your products is top notch. I have also recently recommended you to a friend. Keep up the good work.

Happy with the black pepper

The black pepper has a very strong and refreshing aroma that comes only with fresh spices.

Great Pepper

Decided to try these after reading about the different peppers. They arrived much sooner then expected and really burst with flavor. My new grinder does a great job of cracking them and the aromas and flavor just explode.

Delicious Experience

Everything about the order experience was delicious...from the appetizer (the purchase) to the main course (the delivery of an unbelievably aromatic flavorful black pepper) to the dessert (the friendly customer service). We will definitely be back to order more in the future!

The best tasting spices!

I just got green and black cardamom from Reluctant Trading Experiment. These spices are head and shoulders above others available! These pods are almost twice as big as those I've bought anywhere else. And the flavor is distinct and pungent. So much more flavorful and layered. Highly recommend!

An indescribable tea experience

I was totally blown away by your Masala Chai! I am a tea aficionado and order all my herbal teas from a wonderful company in Kauai. When I stumbled onto your very entertaining website and story I thought it would be safe to give you a try. Well, not only was it safe, it completely changed my tea drinking life! The freshness, the intensely delicious and complex flavors...WOW. So satisfying. Many many thanks.

Super fast service

I procrastinated getting my very best girlfriend something for her birthday. I slipped in just under the wire and purchased some pepper and salt for her on Friday. Her birthday was Monday. It got there for her birthday! Wow! How good of service was that. Still don't know what she thought of the product yet. I got a thank you, but I haven't tried it yet from her. (We live states away from each other.) I can't wait to hear how she liked the pepper. I haven't tried it yet. I'm in love with the salt. Anyway, don't do like I did and wait till the last minute. But if ya do, you might get away with it. Thanks!


great marketing, very professional and most of all fun. product is perfect.


I'm so excited to have found a company who has authentic, and fresher herbs. I plan to try some other spices (your curry) in the near future. And once I invested in a really good pepper grinder, wow what a difference in enjoying my new pepper. THANK YOU!

Beautiful product, great customer service

Had a wonderful experience with this company. We were sent the wrong style of grinder by accident. Customer service was amazing and above and beyond. They explained that they have just recently switched to a new warehouse and are having some growing pains. They sent the correct grinder right away with a free return label for the wrong one. Easy as pie.

The Marseille grinder is absolutely beautiful and does a wonderful job. My husband REALLY loves his pepper, even more so now that we have discovered this company's pepper. He's ecstatic with the new grinder. Even I love pepper now lol.

Eclipse Pepper

I just put one of these huge peppercorns in front of the sun and it blocked it like a full solar eclipse!

Best peppercorns I have found so far.

Very happy with my purchase and will be a repeat customer. Shipping was quick.

The best ever!!!

I cannot live without these peppercorns!! I have a life before these peppercorns and a life after these peppercorns. There is no going back to by unfulfilled life.

Repeat purchase!

I think this is my 3rd order of this terrific pepper. The first time I received it, I had a pepper mill recently filled with peppercorns from the grocery store. When I smelled the peppercorns from Reluctant Trading, I tossed the other ones and never looked back. So aromatic and fresh! These peppercorns pack a punch that really has to be smelled and tasted to be believed. It's the only pepper I'll buy now!

Dancing the Peperana!

Unless you have ordered from the Reluctant Trading Company (RTC) before, you simply don't know what to expect. Quick, friendly service with a touch of humor. But that isn't the reason I came back. RTC has, simply, the best pepper available on the face of the earth. If you enjoy wine, you will enjoy the nuances of this pepper! Layers of fragrance...not just pepper, but flowers, fruits, chocolate and more developing as you inhale. The same on the palate: Layers of flavor which keep on developing... not just heat, but flavors that I didn't even know that pepper was capable of imparting, and don't know how to describe. And, all of that without any elbows or other sharp objects poking you along the way...perfect balance. Literally, anything that can be improved by the use of black pepper, can be raised a couple of notches with the Tellicherry Pepper from RTC. If you have purchased their pepper before, you already know all of this. If you haven't, please add this incredible pepper to your culinary arsenal.

Chai glasses & carrier

Happy to have purchased the glasses and carrier. Really like the look and feel.

the Great Salt debate of 2017

I really love the intensity of this salt. a very "briny" aspect that is delightful. After some adjustments I can verify that the salt will work with the grinder as well.
The whole process was smooth, as usual. This company truly expresses a personal interest in their customers that is woefully lacking today in so many others.
Repeat customer(offender), feeding a salt and pepper "monkey on my back" like Yoda teaching Luke.

The Tellicherry Peppercorns are Amazing!

I spent quite a bit of time researching different sources of these large Tellicherry peppercorns. The ones from The Reluctant Trading Experiment cannot be beat and the value is fantastic. The aromas and taste are amazing.

Wowzers! So good!

I didn't know how much I would love this pepper and pepper grinder! I am excited to share it when friends come to eat-- it is so good, such a lovely flavor. I love the smooth ease of the mill. Thanks RTE!!

6 stars out of 5!

There are two things that always need to happen together when merchandizing a product. They are: presentation and superior product. The Reluctant Trading Experiment hit the nail on the head, not only with the salt but also with the pepper. I will be back and also trying more products.
Keep on knocking the ball out of the ball park!
I would give them 6 stars out of 5!

Pleasing Pepper Review

First off, an amazingly fast delivery! The Organic Black Pepper was much more aromatic than any I've tried in the past labeled 'Tellicherry'. The heat was pleasantly more than I expected too, but mind you not too hot. Loved my experience with your product and will recommend it here at home. dvane

Haven't tried other pepper corns since

I like trying new foods and spices. Since I've had Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns, I have not tried any other peppercorn since. I eventually will. Excellent

Like the peppers

Fast shipping. Will buy again

Excellent Quality Spices and Customer Service

I've ordered my salt, pepper and paprika from Reluctant Trading for the last several years. The prices are very reasonable and the flavors of the spices are great.

Best Chai ever

This is my 3rd or 4th time purchasing this Chai and it is fantastic. I love the spicy taste you get with it that is not found in any chai you could get at a chain grocery or coffeeshop. I only wish I had an espresso maker so I could have it as a dirty chai latte. Please never stop sourcing this awesome blend!


Works like a charm. Great pepper a little or a lot course or fine you can't go wrong.

Form and function

Very nicely designed pepper grinder, works beautifully - thanks!

Great Peppercorn!

This is the best peppercorn that I have found. Friends love it, so , I have ordered them as gifts.

We enjoy it more than we expected

We love the salt and pepper in the flask so much, much more than expected. all my friends are tired of hearing about it. It's our new favorite gift to give. And we are making food specifically to cover in pepper and salt. Like corn on the cob and pasta. Just to taste the pepper. And that is only because we should not eat just pepper and salt.

What pepper should be...

If you haven't experienced this pepper you are missing out. It's incredibly fragrant and flavorful... a 'must have' spice for your kitchen.

Fast and fine to share with foodie friends.

While exploring new varieties of seasonings that are not available in my local markets I found TRTE. My order for peppercorns were shipped so quickly I was enjoying them in like three days. I bought a larger package so I can share them with friends. So good on corn on the cob. Thanks, J

Most delicious chai

This is the most delicious chai the whole family and friends loved it and agreed it's b st tasting chai

Bollywood Masala Chai rocks!

After trying 10 versions of masala chai this is now my favorite. This for me is the real deal! Makes me want to dance!

Love this company!

Peppercorns arrived immediately, smelling And tasting wonderful

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