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I've bought this several times and been very happy with the freshness and flavor. Opening the bag releases an incredibly wonderful fragrance.

Great turmeric powder with a nice fresh flavor!

Easy to use, super sharp. The spices are some of the best I’ve purchased.

Best pepper I’ve ever had. You can smell & taste the difference right away. Huge difference. I don’t use anything else now.

Wine Totes - Terrific Products!

Purchased some wine totes for Christmas gifts, as we've done in the past. They're gorgeous, well-made, and much loved by all who receive them with a nice bottle of wine inside! Highly recommended.

Excellent Pepper

I have never had black pepper this good. I will definitely reorder when consumed.


Peppercorns from heaven!

Love It In the Morning

Love this tea so much. Will buy again.


Fresh vibrant a joy

Love the salt/pepper grinders!

I have been wanting to upgrade from disposable salt/pepper shakers at some point, and then I saw the RTE products, their reviews, and decided to go for it. I'm so glad I did! I purchased the larger one for pepper and the smaller one for salt (for ease of telling the difference and also because we go through way more pepper than salt). GREAT product. Even my husband who notices nothing in our house ;) said, "wow - I really like these!" They look very nice on the counter also. Highly recommend!

Your spices are the apex.

Scott is the man. Worked with him in the past - Reluctant’s spices are second to none. Best quality I can find, great branding, great people, great company.

Organic Modern

Minimalist and warm. Arrived in beautiful condition. We're loving the ability to control the size of our salt/pepper flakes. Also enjoying the salt and black pepper that was recommended to go with it - will be restocking that through Reluctant.

Icelandic Flake White Coarse Sea Salt

Amazing product

I saw this apron at a local Winery where the employees wore them… they told us where they got them and I ordered one immediately .. the quality and look is amazing !!!! Might order for gifts!!

The perfect proper corn.

The king of pepper corns , Be gentle with it,It has a nice bite absolutely has a beautiful flavor.

Nigella Seed
Audrey Costello
Reluctant Trader delivers HIGH quality again - Nigella Seed

Nigella Seed or Black Cumin is so full of health benefits and Reluctant Trader delivers aromatic, fresh quality seeds.

Lovely and high quality

I love this salt container – perfect size for the table. Can you make a larger one too?

Beautifully made. Works like a charm

My wife likes fine grind while I like coarse. This does both without loosening up over time (so far). We’ve had several pepper grinders and this one has the nicest feel and performance by far. It’s also beautifully finished. Very pleased with the product.

Great Apron!

Discovered this site / company recently, as I’ve been looking for a good apron that looks nice as well. This one satisfied all of my criteria. So far the fabric is sturdy. I love the color. You just need to make sure and wash it properly. They are transparent on how to take care of it, so, make sure to follow their directions if you want to maintain it. Arrived on time as well. Hoping to try other products they sell on their site.

All you need is a sniff

Look, I don't know much about spices, but I know that in cooking those little details can take you far. This cinnamon smells incredible and the taste is there to match. I made a simple cinnamon sugar mix to put on top of a pumpkin bread and the results were fantastic. The only way it could be better is if I grinded the cinnamon sticks myself which I might do in the future. I definitely recommend the cinnamon and other spices from this company.

Awesome pepper grinder!

Beautiful, ease and efficiency of use and design perfection - this grinder has it all! I was reluctant at first because of price but now that I have it - no regrets! It seems very sturdy and well made so I don't anticipate having to replace it for a long time. That's the logical reason - but mostly I just really love looking at it and using it. Well spent money and I like supporting this company.

Great machine! Does a good job and gets the 'peppering' done right! Thanks! Ray