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Best Apron

Very well made! I get compliments on it all the time.

White Gold

Love this flake salt. Love Iceland. Love this company. Will be buying more.

P.S. Buy the chai

I love it

I shared it with my Nephew, and now I am regretful. I will order more. There are so many blends. This one is perfect.

The best! Why would you choose anything else? I add agave to it…it warms my insides on these cold Montana nights.

Love the peppercorns, excellent quality and taste! My family and I cannot get enough.

tasty combo

Lemon pepper spice added great flavor to vegan and non vegan dishes. A small amount goes a long way.

Spicy Fish Seasoning Blend No. 1
Fran Mandel Sheets
Spicy Fish Seasoning

Love this mixture! I use it on chicken too! Adds good flavor. Becoming one of my favs.

Very happy

These wine bags are high quality and stylish. They will make great additions to wine gifts.

Best peppercorns you can buy!

This is not the first time I've bought these peppercorns, and it won't be the last. They are larger and tastier than any Tellicherry peppercorns I've purchased in the past. I refuse to use pre-ground pepper dust, and won't I even use it when eating out, as it's flavorless. Tellicherry is my pepper of choice, and this company sells the absolute best one. In a blind taste test I gave my husband, between pepper dust I borrowed from a friend, freshly ground regular Tellicherry from somewhere that I bought before I started buying these, and this brand, my husband voted for the one from Reluctant Trading. I had already taste tested both whole peppercorns and voted for this one. The color is also much better-there are almost no green corns, and the black is a deep, rich color. The other brand was a grayish black with a lot of green corns, which I think made it not nearly as tasty as these. Yes, they're more expensive, but they are well worth the few extra dollars. It's like the difference between round steak and and a beautiful ribeye; both are steaks, but which one would you want to eat? Buy these, you'll thank me later.

Simply gorgeous mortar and pestle

My daughter was cooking a dish the other night that required a mortar and pestle and she didn’t have one so I decided to get one for her as a gift. I went to your site and found this beautiful one - so decided to get one for me as well in the larger size. I love the creamy color and the shape - beautifully designed as are your pepper mills, which I adore!


100/10. Got these for my chef boyfriend and he’s obsessed!

Love this pepper!!

A friend had brought some salted pepper from Paris. I liked it so much I had to find some and found Reluctant. Shipped and received within a week! Excellent

As always the purchases from The Reluctant Trader were great. I’m loving the Vietnamese coffee

Nicely made. Fits well. Love the design and colors

Everyone should buy this pepper!

I am an accomplished home cook and have been cooking for many years. I’ve purchased a couple of other Tellicherry peppercorn brands in the past, but have been using something basic for the past several years because #convenience and #itcomesinbulk. Big mistake. After a lot of frustration I went down the online rabbit hole to search for something better. I stumbled onto this website and was intrigued by the story. Once I purchased these peppercorns (and they were quick to arrive!) I immediately could see, smell, and taste the difference. The amazing aroma when I opened the pouch! The peppercorns grind so smoothly in my pepper grinder! The taste when added to food! I 100% will continue to purchase these. And everyone else should as well.

Icelandic Flake Sea Salt

I love this salt! It's the perfect finishing salt. It's fresh and clean and makes everything taste wonderful!

Great gift

My daughter and son-in-law loved it

Best Tellicherry pepper ever.

Just what is that stuff called black peppercorns that is sold in supermarkets? It tastes like black hotness with no depth of flavor at all.


I love this salt! The only thing I regret is not getting 2 pounds 😅

Greatest Hits 15 Spice Gift Box

Been in the culinary industry for over 25 years. These are the best quality spices I’ve seen. My new go to.

Cinnamon, Ceylon, Bark
Karla Denzin
Ceylon Cinnamon Bark

Delicate, mellow, complex, and sweet just like they advertised! I made a rice drink( Horchata Yummy for sure!) Will order again, can’t wait till February when the grounded Ceylon is available again👍 Fast shipping ( the package vert original even the package tape all the details scream Quality!! Love the company’s story regarding their startup and All who work there to make it happen 🤗 P.S. Happy Holidays and thank you☃️

A perfect product

From packaging to the cooking experience to the nurturing smells to flavors, RTE’s products are a perfect culinary Gesamtkunstwerk. Great for gifts, but promise you will want to keep one…or two…or…

I love my new apron

Received the apron quickly. Bought the extended length. I am 6 feet, and the size works well. The material is heavy and durable. The pocket placement works well. The wife is going to get one for herself.

We love the Icelandic Salt from Reluctant Trading! They provide great service and deliver on time!

Green Cardamom Pods, Whole
The best

Very fresh cardamom pods I was surprised