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All good

This is my second time ordering. First time I got a weird notice from postal service but the owner personally followed up and it was promptly delivered to my house. Second order, a year later, had no issues and it arrived fast. The flavor of the black pepper is consistently good. It is hard to eat out sometimes and not have this quality of pepper.

Very Good, but so is the non-Organic

As with all their spices I have tried, this is extremely good. The flavor gets a 5 Star, but the price drops it to a 4 overall. To be sure, this is an exceptionally good product, but not better that the non-organic pepper they sell.

Great Pepper

The Reluctant Trading Experiment Tellicherry Whole Peppercorns are amazing! Great pepper, great service! I will order again.

Perfect for iced chai!

This chai is spicier than others I’ve tried and it is wonderfully suited to iced chai (or a chai shakerato), since the flavors do not get muted as a cold beverage. Definitely a keeper!!


1 Lb. Tellicherry Black Peppercorns Gift Bag

sea salt

best salt ever! makes a huge difference in my cooking! didn't know salt could make duch a difference!


I love this pepper blend


USDA Organic Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns, Divakar's No. 004

Tellicherry Peppercorns

I must say that in my 66 years, I have never tasted better peppercorns!!!! I was in love just smelling them even before I placed them in the grinder to use on our first meal. I am so glad I bought the 16 oz, so hopefully, I will have them for a long time. If not, I will know where to re-order!!! Thanks so much for the great product and service!!! Hope you are dancing!!! :)

These make great gifts

We have this ourselves and love it, so thought we'd give it a as gift (along with pepper flask and Indian spices) as a gift - our friends loved it. Between salt, pepper, spices and large small sizes, you can come with a hostess gift in lieu of the standard bottle of wine for whatever amount you care to spend

Very Good Pepper

Very good pepper with a nice floral scent. The flavor is good with no bitterness whatsoever and a very mild heat. I’ve bought equally high quality pepper for less money in the past but this one is very good.

We love this!

The aroma is amazing! We had to buy a pepper mill to go with the pepper, but it was worth it. Thanks for a wonderful product.

another great find from the Reluctant Trading Experiment!

my husband the cook tried the Vindaloo spice from the set for a curry a few wks ago. Oh it was so good! Different from our usual curries that we make from spices from Malaysia/Thailand. My husband spiced it up even more for more heat. Look forward to trying the others in the set.

Masala spice set

I love the Vindaloo spice and the spice set is a great way to try something new.

Great Spice Jar

This is a great little spice jar. I like the look and design. I actually use them for vitamins, and leave them on my kitchen counter. Nice quality too!

Wine Bags

I was looking for an interesting alternative to traditional paper wine bags and these fit the bill. I purchased the motorbikes bag (they look like bicycles to me) for my nephew, an avid bicyclist, as part of a graduation gift. It is the perfect size for a large bottle of craft beer as well as a bottle of wine. An added bonus is that these bags are reusable.

Good Stuff

Loved all my products. The turmeric blew my socks off! Amazing stuff! I love it when I find something better than what I was using! I feel spoiled!!

masala chai

This is a top of the line masala chai - 5 stars.
Thank you and Troy for making it available.

Best Pepper Anywhere

This is the best pepper anywhere. Fragrant and flavorful without being overpowering. Highly recommended.

Purveryors of the Pepperyist Pepper!

It's a great product; a must try!

I first tried it on some pasta dishes and immediately noticed the depth, sharpness and aroma of the pepper. Then i got busy with the holidays and was more focused on baking. When i pulled the pepper out next time, I forgot (for a second) I had this new, unique product in my pantry. All of sudden, i'm wondering why my normal, simple foods are popping with flavor and complexity; it was all the pepper.

I won't use anything else. Ever.

Recently purchased some of the Salt too. That's just as good. Super flaky, very salty, love how it grinds (even though you could do that with your fingers)....a nice complement to the pepper for sure.

Macarena Visual - Not pretty, but funny

Great attitude, wish more people could focus on life as an adventure.
Product fantastic, quality excellent to a discerning palate, which is rare. Delivered price kinda steep: $21 for 8 oz. Pint of good scotch would be comparable expense, New marketing idea: put a couple of peppercorns in a vodka shot, pour several in a bottle as a "shot" bottle. I'l help test market the idea. Even though I live in Utah, I'm recovering Catholic from Wilmette

Great service

Well packaged and timely delivery

Lundstrom Acrylic Mill

Loving the device so far... Ordered one to test it out and ended up ordering two more-- extra one for grinding herbs/spices.

Chai Tea Review

Excellent chai. I really love it and drink about a quart a day. The only reason its 4 star: I frequent a local coffee shop that has better chai, which they make themselves.


Pricey, but spicy. The best pepper I have ever used.

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