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Wonderful Product!

I've recently made my first purchase from Reluctant Trading and I am amazed at the quality of the products that I've purchased. The Iceland Flake White Coarse Sea Salt has amazing flavor and the salt cellar is the perfect size. I'll definitely be back for more.

I was reluctant too, at first, but now I'm a believer!

I was reluctant too at first as I thought, nah it's the same as other tellicherry peppercorns I've tried. But no, as soon as I opened the bag, the fragrant aroma of the peppercorns enticed and excited the foodie in me. I immediately pour some in my pepper mill and out comes the most perfect black pepper I have ever tasted! Nice aroma and even better taste! I even tried to use my other pepper and compared it to this on a sunny side up egg, and guess which one I liked better? Yes, it's the USDA Organic Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns, Divakar's No. 004!

Amazing Peppercorns

After years of hit and miss and substandard Tellicherries, these are on a level beyond anything I’ve had. Super strength and complexity.

Jesper Salt and Pepper Mill Set

They are well made, they grind really well (thank you crush grind), and they are beautiful. They are well worth the price, as they bring daily design joy and could likley last for a decade or two.

Excellent Peppercorns!!

I love the peppercorns! They are so much better than what you can buy at the supermarket. They really transform any meal they are served on.

Bollywood Theater Masala Chai Loose Leaf Tea from Reluctant Trading.

Bollywood Theater Masala Chai Loose Leaf Tea from Reluctant Trading.This is the only “real” Chai I’ve found. I buy again and again. I give it as gifts to Chai loving friends

This company is a gem!

I’m hooked on the peppercorns - we’ve had black and green so far - and the difference is unbelievable! I will continue to purchase items with no doubts the quality and value will be outstanding. The customer service is beyond top notch, and I’m happy I found you!


Wonderful brew. Expensive, but it’s so much better than other options.


this chai tea is really really good, and may have spoiled me since I don't really want to drink any other kind of chai now.

Great Trading Co. !!!

Great people to deal with & spices are wonderful!!!

Little treasures!

I love these lidded pots. They are not only beautiful, they also keep my salt/pepper in pristine condition. I adore this company and so glad I found it! Everything I've purchased has been exceptional!

Cardamom Pods of Bliss

Best cardamom pods ever, on a whole other level, plump, bumptious, frisky, playful, packed with seeds and seed syllables of light. Make other pods from chain spice stores pale in comparison. Can't wait to run out of these so I can get some more.

We love this tellicherry pepper

One word: aroma!
Ok. Two words: great aroma!

Ok forget that.. this pepper will raise your food to the next level. Super fun and delicious. Complex, almost sweet. It makes pepper an experience! We whiffed the bulk pepper at the grocery store.. and nothing, no aroma or very little. When you open the bag of this pepper your senses will be delighted. You’ll be wanting to put pepper on everything! We will for sure be ordering more later.

Best spices ever!

This is my second time ordering from them and I just love how fresh their spices are. I’ll be buying more soon I’m sure.

Little Cranky

Scott, Sorry to keep you on pins and needles. I am overall very happy with the Little Cranky. I must point out, however, that it is only about 30% efficient in grinding cumin. Much more seed than grind passes through. This is with the adjustment at the finest (tightest) setting. Works fine for pepper, coriander, nutmeg, etc.

Only Chai you’ll ever want

I’ve tried a lot of Chai mixes liquid and dry spice. I’m sticking with this one. Full, complex, spicy flavor.

Some like it hot

It is difficult to tell that these peppercorns are any larger than my usual black peppercorns; however, they have a distinctive picante taste that standard peppercorns don’t have. I could not appreciate any “citrus “ notes.

Delicious chai!

The Bollywood Theater Masala Chai tea tastes like what I always wanted in a chai tea but never found - until now. I love the depth of flavor and can taste the individual spice components as well.

1 Lb. Tellicherry Black Peppercorns Gift Bag

Cha Cha Chai!

I'm on my second order and I don't see me turning back ever. I was a coffee snob a few years back and finally turned over to the light side of the tea force and have always enjoyed how tea changes depending on when the leaves were processed and the different tea vendors. Admittedly I fell in love with chai from a box whom I will not name and then progressed to homemade chai’s from my local shop but always felt they were overly sweet. I've never been to India but the smell of this tea is what I imagine India smells like. The spices are so rich and fresh, sometimes I just sit in my kitchen and sniff the tea before I prepare it. It's basically that good before you even prepare it. The first time I made it, I felt a little defeated because it didn't turn out the way I imagined. But don't give up, it takes a little time to make chai like a champ! Instead of putting it on the stove every morning, I make a huge pot with about 3-4 tablespoons and let it simmer on the stove for about 20ish minutes or until the flavor starts to develop. Immediately after I filter out the chai mix and put a couple tablespoons of honey and its absolutely perfect. Just a splash or two of almond milk and I can either have hot or cold chai in an instant. Don't throw away those lovely spices just yet, I've used mine a second time ( of course you have to simmer a little longer) or you can even make a chai syrup, just saying! If you’re still Reading and deciding if you should purchase it, you should click the button now and stop wasting time.

Best Black Whole Pepper Corns in the World

I have been buying these Pepper Corns from the Reluctant Trading Experiment for a while now. I did the Pepsi Challenge with my first order and the aroma and flavor of these was far superior to other pepper I had on hand which I thought was good. Now it is the only pepper I will buy. Great service and fast shipping too!


I don't like spicy, peppery food, but WOW! I put a few in some plain pasta the day I received my order. I figured they'd be big enough that I wouldn't bite into one. But of course I did. My brain immediately prepared for the onslaught of harsh pepper. It never happened. It was mellow, smooth, with a berry finish. (Sounds like I'm describing a wine.) These are incredible, like nothing you'd find at your local gourmet shop, definitely not the large grocery.

The Real Thing!

Many years ago Jyoti and Mahendra Shah served me chai in their home in Philadelphia. I have had a lot of chia since, but until I tasted your chai I had not had any that was nearly as good. Your chai is perfect! Complex, rich with spices -- truly delicious! Thank you so much!

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