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Astoundingly great flavor!

Wow, I love this spice set so much! Words cannot accurately describe how delicious these spice blends are. The included recipes are so spot on I think my friends may have believed I knew what I was doing when it came to cooking Indian cuisine. On my second set of these now, they almost instantly became must-have in my kitchen.

Epic Loot

I wasn't aware that there could be such an enormous difference in taste when it came to things like salt and pepper but especially the pepper from this place is absolutely fantastic

Search no further, this is THE pepper for you

I admit t adore cooking, the pantry at our house is filled with spices from all over the world, when my hubby and i decided to try this peppercorn we were amazed by it's flavour, We get some to our families and they All loved it, this was more than one year ago we've been ordering this pepper ever since! Just try it you will fall in love with it!

These spieces are GREAT!

Loved the quick replies to questions. And the kind and understand manner in which questions were answered! Super company!

Black peppercorns

Good pepper. Consistent size.
Fragrant, pungent.
A bit expensive for pepper ?

The best pepper we have found, hands down

Reluctant Trading’s Tellicherry Peppercorns are the best we have found. Recently, I talked to a friend in California who said she loved pepper and so I sent her some in the cute Glass Science Flask. She has given in rave reviews and said she is now “addicted”!


Honestly, I don't know that much about Pepper,
but became intrigued with the story . . .

I usually source my peppercorns at my local Organic market in Santa Monica, which has a large variety of Organic herbs and spices (mostly from Frontier).
I have containers of Black and Mixed (Black, White, Green & Red), which I add to my grinder as needed. When I received Tellicherry I did a taste test,
by slowly chewing a single peppercorn. Over the course of several hours, I tried the other peppercorns. Each has it's own characteristics.
At the end, I went back and re-tried yours. It was Great !!!

I am curious about the # 004 designation ? What does that mean ?

I underhand that Divikar is your source guy in India . . . are there other grades?

Also I like your no frills container. All the graphics are to the point.



>>> Not just any grind <<<

Fragrant ground black pepper, the fragrance and taste of which you have to experience ! Truly exceptional !

Second order from the Reluctant Trading Experiment

My second shipment was just as efficient and awesome as my very first
shipment. My items were all individually wrapped and obviously packed
by real people who care. Once the item was shipped, I was notified at every
step where the package was and when it would arrive. It is always a
pleasure to buy from this company. With this order, I purchased their garam
marsala spice and it is delicious. I highly recommend this company.

For my son

I purchased the peppercorns for my son to go with a set of salt&pepper grinders. He said he can tell a big difference in the aroma and taste. He's tried them twice, and said he'd give me further reviews when he had time to cook. He definitely liked them!

Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns

Just ordered these on recommendation from Ava Jane's Kitchen and love it!!!
There is such a difference in taste when you have good pepper!!!


All is good with the pepper. Happy camper here.

Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns

Fast chipping and the super-fresh pepper. As soon as I received, I put in my grinder and used the pepper immediately. The flavor was exactly what I needed. The price is a good value as well. Thank you! I will purchase from you guys again.

Do This!

Fresh, fragrant, and nicely nuanced. This Tellicherry is now in my standard rotation at the kitchen table. I'm also impressed by The Reluctant Trading Expirement and their friendly communication. This is obviously an organization that has customer service at the forefront of their mission. Superior products, fast, friendly service - a rarity these days. I recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to work with real people who take great pride in making available such unusually unique and special products.


Icelandic sea salt is the best salt in the world,it tastes absolutely amazing, I put it on pratically everything! I will definitely be ordering again from this company, also i love the packaging.

Absolutely Wonderful

The Reluctant Trader’s Divikar’s tellicherry peppercorns are in no way comparable to others I’ve tried!
Love pepper and am so grateful to have found what I’m sure are the best!

Chemistry Beakers

I love the real glass chemistry breakers with the salt and peppercorns. It looks so clever and very original.

Marseille walnut pepper mill

The grinding mechanism was is smooth. I love how easy it to refill and to keep clean. It is easily my favorite peppermill. I will buy these from now on


Purchased the large beakers for Icelandic salt and Tellicherry pepper.They sit on the counter looking smart. And what’s inside, incomparable! Love this salt & pepper! (And love this company.)

Loose leaf chai

Having recently returned from India, I was somewhat sad that I never experienced the street vendor’s chai. A charming young boy would go round to the shops with his fragrant drinks and I was too chicken to sample...I got very sick several times on who knows what. My husband did try though and of course he raved about it.
He says The Reluctant Trader Chai is right on as far as flavor...and way better than the pre-mixed Chai we purchased while in India. We are using the jumbo size! Highly recommend it!

Worth the extra money

I was hesitant to buy because I get Tellicherry pepper elsewhere at lower prices. But this pepper is a cut above--and therefore worth the price. It is both gentle and flavorful. I have been using it a couple of months now, so I am comfortable with my review. One suggestion: Better packaging for storage and reuse.


Wine Gift Tote, Canvas, Zigzag

Tellicherry Pepper

Impossible to find in local shops. Excellent.

Salt heaven

This salt is my all time fav, over Celtic, Pink Himalayan salt (all pinks), and other types. I use it for health reasons besides the flavor. I take it with me when I travel, and always make sure I have it around. We are, like, FRIENDS. :-)

Excellent and Speedy Service

Outstanding service and prompt shipping. Definitely recommend this company for all your spice needs.

minimal beautiful

love our new grinder. looked everywhere for one that not only functioned so well but looked great too.


As advertised I ordered Icelandic salt and some pepper, ALL OF IT IS GREAT!! A must have for your spice rack.

Tellicherry Peppercorns

Quality black peppercorns with unique aroma and taste. Cool container for storage as well.

Best chai!

I've had a lot of chai brands and types, but this is the best one I've found so car. I love the spiciness and layered flavors. I'll definitely be getting this more regularly as a treat!

My family's favorite Masala Chai

The best chai we have found and a fave the family round. From my father, who's tastes can be rigid, to my kids, who have taken to preparing it the traditional way. If the price were more everyday, it would be perfect.

The best pepper

We got introduced to tellicherry by a friend. He gave us a small package of reluctant and said just tried it. We did!... we had to purchase the biggest package of pepper so we don’t run out. Now we brag to our other friends about it. We loved it. We have decided this year we will be giving friends and family tellicherry peppers for Christmas :). It’s was easy ordering and delivery sooner than expected.

So perfect

This is the perfect warm and spicy drink for a cold winter's night. Get the big bag.

Very pleased

The Masala Chai is the best. I have to limit my intake to 2 cups a day or I’d go broke :-) love to wake up to a cup of Chai and start my day ❤️

Great pepper

Have really liked the freshness & brightness of this pepper...won't go back to 'store bought' ground pepper

So good I gave it to my inlaws

Love the salt and the pepper, but especially the salt.
Had family over for dinner. Made amazing steaks using the Icelandic salt
Everyone liked it so much hey walked out with my large pack that I just ordered
Looks like you will have a new customer soon.

I was skeptical until I opened the package

The amazing smell that hit me instantly after I popped open the carton was clue 1 that these were going to be out of this world. Clue 2: big, uniform peppers that were demonstrably different than the pepper I usually bought from a store brand.

It really transforms dishes. It makes plain rice a treat. Do it.

NB: Shipping was fast and organized.

Beautiful and practical spice jars

I absolutely love your spice jars! They look so pretty on the counter, especially when filled with your colorful, delicious, healthy spices, which have changed my life.
I am so grateful to you...thank you.
Marcella Burney

Great quality.

Love the bold flavor. Am looking forward to doing business with you.

Five Star Rating

I could not be more pleased with your company and the tellicherry peppercorns. From the moment I ordered the peppercorns you immediately acknowledged receipt of my order, notified me that they were shipping immed and gave me a confirmation on when I would be receiving the package. Last but not least an email stating that they were delivered. This was great as I live in Minnesota and there is nothing worse than your order sitting outside the door in a pile of snow. The peppercorns smell so fresh, taste wonderful and I love how big they are. I will definitely be ordering again for gifts as they are that great of a quality.
One last thing, I was so happy to see that you shipped them in a container that was the appropriate size for your cute, well thought out packaging of the peppercorns. A+ from your new customer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Outstanding,very fresh tasting. I will definitely be ordering again.

Great Product... Great Service...

The spices are amazingly flavorful... definitely, purchasing again.


I finally found a great pepper mill made in the USA. Loaded that puppy up with of some of your double naught four and out comes pepper I've never experienced before. Wonderful!
Regards, Gene


Hi Scott,

I/we are pretty much addicted to both the Icelandic Salt and the Tellicherry Peppercorns. Also think you should know that my brother-in-law tracked me down after christmas to find out why I had failed to send him his christmas Tellicherries - since remedied! You have many fans in our family actually, so thrilled I found the Reluctant Trading Experiment and your wonderful stuff!




can't tell any difference from my regular pepper i use.

New customer

I have been using T -pepper for years or I thought I was.Your T pepper is amazing and it is the BEST.! Hands down

Salt and Pepper

Love these products and can't imagine cooking without them as part of almost every recipe!

Hmmm...replacing my coffee???

Scott, I appreciated our conversation on the phone, about life, about the efforts that have gone into the sourcing of your quality ingredients and your kind words regarding my service in the military.

Our chai arrived just prior to the holidays. Your chai is wonderful! The first couple of brews were different and something to adjust to. It felt like an "I like this, but I am not sure how to take it..." moment. I decided to take my new chai in my bag when we went out to visit family for Christmas day. It seemed that with the huge aromatic qualities of your chai, this would be the perfect group chai testing.

Needless to say, your chai was a complete hit. Not only was it pleasant and enjoyable as a beverage, but there were claimed benefits of opening sinus passages of stuffy faces. By the morning of the following day, at least one ordered their own chai from you in order to avoid being without it for very long. I guess I should have left my chai with them as a gift...but I was selfish;) I believe there was a second family ordering this as well.

I drink a morning freshly ground cappuccino and generally a second when heading out the door for work. Well, I am now reaching for a chai to take in my to-go cup, and thinking about purchasing a thermos so I can take a couple of cups for my day. Indulgence.

My personal note. For ease, and a balance of brew qualities, I have moved to single cup brewing in a large (not small) clamshell type tea strainer. I use a heaping tablespoon and 212 degree water from the espresso machine, stir while brewing to make sure I am getting max contact with the chai, sweeten with a teaspoon and a little more of raw sugar, and a splash of half and half. Perfection...

Thanks again and thank you for bringing a quality product forward for the rest of us to enjoy. I look forward to trying your masala and by the way, your peppercorns are superb.

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