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So much better than supermarket brand and bulk peppercorns from big box store

I bought the No.4 restaurant variety pepper corns based on an article I read in the New Yorker. I was curious about how they would compare to the bulk peppercorns I had been buying from a local big box store. Those were about the same as the small jars available from the local supermarket, but much cheaper. I don’t consider myself a serious gourmet chef, but I do enjoy cooking at home and prefer to use quality ingredients. I only had to see and smell the Reluctant Trading product to notice a huge difference — much more aromatic and flavorful. These will be my preferred brand from now on, for table-side grinding as well as for homemade spice mixes.

I liked the simple beautiful packaging that kept the flavorful peppercorns very fresh. I liked the reasonable delivery time.

Fifth order

Always need this on hand. No other salt will do!

Reluctant Trading Experiment Spices

Reluctant’s spices are incredibly aromatic and intense. Scott and Divakar have procured the finest.

Phenomenal -- exactly like the restaurant.

I was truly excited when I saw this product existed -- the Bollywood Theater pork vindaloo is one of my all time favorite dishes, and we never order enough. With this, it's a problem no more! The recipe was straightforward, and the results were so similar to the restaurant it's practicually indistinguishable. Don't worry, Chef MacLarty, I'll still be visiting for the Bhel Puri and beets!


I love this kit, and it made a. great version of Pho, a faux pho. Not because of the kit but my lack of skill at creating such a wonderful dish with so many hours of prep. All the work was done for me and the aromatics I have bought and used. The noodles were cravable and slurp-worthy. I hate fish sauce, but it added complexity and "umami" to the dish. So I'm glad I used it. I buy so many spices from Reluctant. P.S. They shipped the same day. You can plan a weekend dinner on Thursday and order the spices; they will be there on time.


My son was delighted, yea thrilled, with your salt and pepper and with the apron. I think he liked the presentation as much as the quality. I was going to treat myself next, but he indicated his plan to send me some salt and pepper for my upcoming birthday. If he forgets, I will be back to you. Don’t be shy about your happy dance! The world needs more happy dancing. You have a great product, well executed.

Best Chai Tea.

I have used this chai for around 6 years. It is so good and flavorful with the best spicy kick to it. This company also has the best customer relations I have ever had. Tea is not a big thing in Utah, where I live, and it is hard to find a good chai.

My Jasper Pepper Mill

Recently bought from the elegant description in Reluctant Trading Experiment’s site. And it is elegant and feels good in my hand and looks good on the kitchen counter top (my wife appreciates my good taste). I am using it for Tellicherry pepper I also bought at RTE. So pleased and so will you be, too, if you decide to make this purchase yourselves.

Icelandic course sea salt

The salt looks great, tastes great and is handsomely packaged! Thank you!

Fresh and spicy!

Loved the 004's! I love lots of fresh pepper and have been an exclusive Tellicherry fan for many decades.
Your 004's are so fresh and spicy! Thank you for delicious (reluctant) service!

Icelandic Flake White Coarse Sea Salt


Best I ve had and the quality remains at a high level. Great service too! Top notch! The flavor is unsurpassed.

Best Chai Ever

I have spent much time in India, and I love Chai. The chai tea you get 8n the grocery store has very little flavor. This chai bursts with flavor, rich, spicy, exotic, and full. It definitely needs some sugar and milk, which is how I like it and how it is recommended by the enclosed instructions. Thank you for making this product for me and everyone else who buys it.

Quality products all around.

Real taste

Finally! Real pepper taste with three cranks of the mill.

Top notch pepper mill

I ordered the 8.5” walnut pepper mill (as well as the best pepper corns I’ve ever tasted). The mill feels great in my hands and turns smoothly. This pepper mill beats any you’ll find at much higher prices. Plus, Reluctant Trader was quick to respond and made ordering easy. Diane Fagiola

Green Peppercorns

Green peppercorns are a wonderful change of pace from black. I highly recommend giving them a try.

The Best Pepper Mill

I have been on a search for the perfect pepper mill my entire life. I have finally found it along with fresh peppercorns, and I will never go back. I may become the kind of eccentric who brings her pepper mill to restaurants.

little cranky

Of course cranky allows me to more fully experience your great pepper.
Makes me feel good about life!

Salt cellar

Super cute and love the lid seals

Always fresh and high quality. Love the black peppercorns and ground paprika.