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When I visit Portland I always go to Bollywood on Alberta. I buy the Marsala Chi


Czech! Czech! Salt and Pepper Mill Set - 4.5"h


Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns, Divakar's No. 004, Restaurant Variety

Best peppercorn ever!

I love cooking, and enjoy eating even more. I've always used a pepper grinder for my recipes and for spicing my food before eating, but I never considered that there could actually be a difference in the quality of peppercorns until I heard about the Reluctant Trading Experiment. After reading Scott's glowing statements about the Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns, I was intrigued and ordered some. I gave part of them to my son, who is a chef, and part to my son-in-law, who is an excellent cook also. We all agree that this is the most punchy, flavorable pepper we've ever tasted. I went through my inventory pretty quickly, so I just received my second order. I use it every day, and you have a life long customer. Thanks for bringing this product to us. Tony

Show stopper

Best pepper ever tasted. Been giving samples to family.

A Delight for the Senses

I discovered the Bollywood Theater Vindaloo Masala while eating at a restaurant on the Oregon coast. I was wondering what spices were used in my meal. The chef was kind enough to show me. I ordered immediately.. I made my first dinner using the spices last night in a stir fry with shrimp. Yummy even my house smells great. Can’t wait to experiment with more

Best Black Pepper Ever!

When I opened the foil bag and took a whiff, I said out loud, “So, this is what pepper is supposed to smell like!” We use quite a bit of pepper in our cooking and I have purchased Tellicherry peppercorns from several sources but I must say that these are by far the very best. This is my second shipment of the 8oz. size and The Reluctant Trading Experiment is now my go-to source. Love your stories, sense of humor, and packaging, too. Please keep doing what you do by sourcing the best of the best!
Carol B.

Amazing peppercorns

We love our Reluctant Trading peppercorns! They shipped quickly and are very fragrant and delicious — perfect for cacio a pepe butter. The packaging is lovely, too!

Purchased for ICS Southwest Chili cookoff

The smell when I opend the bag is amazing. The suttle fragrance is wonderful. I grinded mine and the smell is phenomenal. Will add more after cookoff

Fabulous Sea Salt from the West of Iceland

The salt is crisp and clean and very flavor enhancing ...also very easy to use ... the container is distinctive and makes it easily identifiable on the counter and therefore easily located ... I love this salt and will buy more

Absolutely, the best

Recently when I was hosting a dinner party and put my pepper mill on the table, we realized after a few turns of the mill, that it was empty. I had run out of pepper. I knew I had used the last of my Reluctant Trading Experiment peppercorns and was mortified. "We can use another pepper" one of my guests said..."I don't have any other. I only use the best" I replied. True story.
This time around when i re-plenished, I bought extra for me, and another to keep handy for gift giving. It's the perfect hostess gift....and really, I'll never use anything else.

Beautiful design, superb flavor

It is a pleasure using Reluctant Trading's porcelain pepper mill! I find the mixed material design works really well in our kitchen. I love the grace and elegance of the design. I am not always a big fan of pepper mills -- finding them a big bulky and awkward, but this one is lovely, and it is so smooth and easy to grind the pepper. The pepper itself is so fragrant and fresh! Thank you!


Chai Tea Carrier and 6 Glass Set

Best salt ever

All that is needed is a pinch of this salt to add incredible flavor to any meal.
Watching my salt intake - very little goes a long way !

So this is salt!!

Never thought there would be a difference you could taste. Pan seared ribeye with only salt and pepper.... better than any restaurant steak I have ever had. Moved on to pork chops, chicken and even burgers. Only seasoning used and the flavor of the food was different than anything I have ever made (I love to cook and have been doing so for over 50 years). Now I will order the larger size. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.

Icelandic sea salt, what a difference

Never had Icelandic sea salt in the past. It almost look's like snow flakes, what a great product, thank you, Tom Augustine

Your Salt & Pepper Add SO Much Flavor!

This week I had fresh corn on the cob for supper with the addition of your salt and pepper. I was surprised at the added flavor and delicious taste given to my corn. So I've been adding both to boiled eggs and fried potatoes and all my vegetables. I am happy I discovered your fresh salt and pepper products!

Fantastic Tea

So great that I bought a pound!

Fast shipping and great product!

I was pleased to get the pepper that I ordered within a few days. The packaging is nice, and the pepper itself was well worth the price. Fragrant and powerful, the perfect thing to fill my pepper grinder. I will be buying again when I run out of this batch!

The best

I never expected there to be such a difference in peppercorns! This pepper is fantastic. Big aroma, sharp flavor, just yum! I’ve already ordered more.

Very Pleased!

The pepper has a taste that was unknown to me. Great taste, great p[roduct, Thank Yopu

Best spice mills ever!!

The very best (Ruth Reichl recommended!) spice mills money can buy and gorgeous spices -- and the chai!! -- all incredible!!


Will review after I devour the pepper. You did a great job getting the product here.
Fast efficient as promised..

The best tellicherry pepper

The best pepper ever. I use it daily and there is no comparison to the tellicherry pepper that I previously bought - a while ago - from a local spice store.

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