"The Reluctant Trading Experiment imports truly the finest Tellicherry Peppercorns we have ever seen. The flavor and fragrance is comparable to the complex notes of a fine aged wine."
– Ava Gene's Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Named one of the best restaurants in the USA by Bon Appetit

“I love Reluctant Trading for its outstanding ground turmeric and Tellicherry peppercorns—best you can get. So complex.”
– Bonnie Morales, Kachka Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Quoted in Bon Appetit Feature "10 Great Online Specialty Food Stores."

"My world has changed since I started using their amazing spices."
– Lena's Kitchen Blog,, award-winning national food blogger 

Based on 306 reviews

I finally found a great pepper mill made in the USA. Loaded that puppy up with of some of your double naught four and out comes pepper I've never experienced before. Wonderful!
Regards, Gene


Hi Scott,

I/we are pretty much addicted to both the Icelandic Salt and the Tellicherry Peppercorns. Also think you should know that my brother-in-law tracked me down after christmas to find out why I had failed to send him his christmas Tellicherries - since remedied! You have many fans in our family actually, so thrilled I found the Reluctant Trading Experiment and your wonderful stuff!




can't tell any difference from my regular pepper i use.

New customer

I have been using T -pepper for years or I thought I was.Your T pepper is amazing and it is the BEST.! Hands down

Salt and Pepper

Love these products and can't imagine cooking without them as part of almost every recipe!

Hmmm...replacing my coffee???

Scott, I appreciated our conversation on the phone, about life, about the efforts that have gone into the sourcing of your quality ingredients and your kind words regarding my service in the military.

Our chai arrived just prior to the holidays. Your chai is wonderful! The first couple of brews were different and something to adjust to. It felt like an "I like this, but I am not sure how to take it..." moment. I decided to take my new chai in my bag when we went out to visit family for Christmas day. It seemed that with the huge aromatic qualities of your chai, this would be the perfect group chai testing.

Needless to say, your chai was a complete hit. Not only was it pleasant and enjoyable as a beverage, but there were claimed benefits of opening sinus passages of stuffy faces. By the morning of the following day, at least one ordered their own chai from you in order to avoid being without it for very long. I guess I should have left my chai with them as a gift...but I was selfish;) I believe there was a second family ordering this as well.

I drink a morning freshly ground cappuccino and generally a second when heading out the door for work. Well, I am now reaching for a chai to take in my to-go cup, and thinking about purchasing a thermos so I can take a couple of cups for my day. Indulgence.

My personal note. For ease, and a balance of brew qualities, I have moved to single cup brewing in a large (not small) clamshell type tea strainer. I use a heaping tablespoon and 212 degree water from the espresso machine, stir while brewing to make sure I am getting max contact with the chai, sweeten with a teaspoon and a little more of raw sugar, and a splash of half and half. Perfection...

Thanks again and thank you for bringing a quality product forward for the rest of us to enjoy. I look forward to trying your masala and by the way, your peppercorns are superb.

Mill Set

Indeed!, the pepper flows easily with a simple twist, a lighter twist for the salt. The Glass Science Flasks containing Tellicherry Peppercorns & Icelandic Sea Salt are nice compliment to the mills. This was a gift to my daughter who is very pleased with the set.


I love great design and anything walnut. I was reluctant (hahahaha) to spend this on a mill but I am happy I did. This thing absolutely rains fresh cracked pep and it looks amazing on my custom walnut dining table. If you want quality and don’t want what everyone else has (Peugeot, Oxo, etc) then get the Magnus, that is if you can. They go quickly and are handmade.


Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns, Divakar's No. 004, Restaurant Variety

Best pepper on planet!

I was blown away by the aroma when I received my order and opened the bag. So different from what I was used to. I am happy to add this to my larder and will order again when I run out. I also love my new Magnus pepper mill. The thing RAINS fresh cracked pep on whatever I hold it over and crank...

We Are Hooked!!!

We Love Your Tellicherry Peppercorns and have been seriously hooked for the last two years!
Also crazzy about your grinders! You have a loyal and happy customers in our family!
Thank You, Greg


Great service & Magical product (Bollywood Spices). Nicely done TRTE and Thank You.

Divine salt

I usually have a variety of about 4 or 5 different types of salt on hand and enjoy not only the different taste they impart but also their nutritional value. Your Icelandic salt is truly in a class of its Just a tiny pinch after gently crushing the flakes between my fingers really brings the food to a new level. So far I have used it on poached eggs and on roasted sweet potato good. Words cannot describe, it needs to be experienced, so buy some and see for yourself!

Magnificent pepper'

This pepper is wonderful! It has ruined me for any other products! You have a new loyal customer!!

Making the mundane sublime

We loooove your salt and pepper- it elevates the everyday spice - and why not actually have your salt and pepper be more than an perfunctorily ET seasoning. The salt- the crunch! The melt! The gentle sea flavor! The black peppercorns- rich, slight bite, rounded flavor.
Thank you!

Apparently it's really really tasty!

Ordered this as a gift for friends so I can't comment on the actual product. I did ask them about the pepper and they said it was really really good! I can say that shipping was incredibly fast and ordering/paying was incredibly easy. Thank you for being in existence Reluctant Trading Company!

The best pepper ever!

Of course these are the best tasting peppercorns I have ever tasted, and I was born in India and will be 67 next month. Could never go back to any other pepper ever.
If you were looking for a service type review then sorry - you can’t get it to me fast enough unless you did free 2 day shipping!!


Great customer service, beautifully boxed product.

White and medley

Medley is a delicious blend of five peppers. Great finish, some heat. White is actually red with the skin washed off. Very rare, stays red one day before turning black

...could not ask nor expect more or better

Great products...and Service

I didn't think it was possible to be this addicted

The masala chai is, in the most understated manner possible, perfect in every way. Spicy, fragrant, strong, delicate, fresh, pungent; I could go on. It is everything that one could hope for in a chai, and is far more than just head and shoulders above the competition.

I find myself ordering the masala chai time and time again, not only because it is so tasty and satisfying, but I haven't (and doubt I will) find any substitute within 20% of its quality. Do yourself a favor and get some of this stuff! You will not regret it.

Awesome S &P

I am a serial purchaser and love the salt, pepper and chai. This purchase was a gift because I know giving your S &P to a foodie friend is a good choice.

Great pepper mill!

Only wish I would have bought the largest as the space for peppercorns not very large-but it did "shower" down the finest ground pepper!

Try Them...You'll Never Use Anything Else !!!

Simply put...these are the best peppercorns I've ever tasted. I'm a pepper guy and I use these on just about everything. They really give that pepper taste to everything I use them on. I will keep buying


This was my second order of Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns. To date we have not found any other Peppercorns that can compare. We are believers for sure in the taste and quality of Tellicherry! Oh, and the shipping timeline is great also-thanks!

Start Dancing!

The peppers and the packaging are perfect.
Thank you! We also got the Icelandic sea salt in the small beaker which is also wonderful. You are on my favorite list now. Glad I tried your products!

Magic salt

The Icelandic sea salt unlocks the hidden flavors in food.

Best Pepper I've ever tasted!

This is by far the best pepper I've ever had! Love it so much, I give it as gifts!

Chai Tea Carrier

My parents loved it and said it reminded them of home! I remember visiting India and my dad stopping at each bus terminal grabbing a cup of chai! Thank you!


The five peppercorn mix I feel is much more flavorful and spicy that the black peppercorns are. The salt has an interesting texture, almost like it was foamed...this is good.


Dance away but I wound prefer the chicken dance


Super sonic speed shipping of a top notch product. Fresh, amazing spice blends that will make your mouth sing.

a reluctant client

thought i would give this pepper a trial, as i've been stuck on Cambodian pepper for a while , this pepper adds a dimension to pepper i wasn't ready for with depth of earthiness i enjoy. you shouldn't be reluctant too long with this product.


Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns, Divakar's No. 004, Restaurant Variety

Can't Go Back

While I had just ran out of my black pepper from you guys, I recently tried another brand of black peppercorns from my local grocery store to tide me over. 3 days and could't do it any longer. I can't go back to the other kinds. It's my absolute favorite spice in my cabinet. The depth of flavor that get from these is second to none. It's my secret weapon for all of my dishes. Thank you Scott for such an amazing product and customer service every time I order. Your touch of humor and class in your business is well received sir.


Need a better peppercorn mill before I can write a review. Smalls wonderful!!!!


As usual, order arrived very promptly and very nicely packaged.

Excellent finish and a Nice End Product

The item was exactly the way it was described and was nicely packaged and delivered. Loved it !

Great packaging

I bought these items as a gift for my brother for Christmas and he is going to love them. The packaging is beautiful and really interesting and the salt and pepper looks great! Thanks!

Fruity and a good peppery flavor

Pepper is my favorite spice and I use it on everything. My dish is not complete without black flakes of this ground tiny berry. I appreciate the flavor of this peppercorn over supermarket brands though most are edible. Now let’s see that dance

Love the chai!

I love the mix of spices plus the fact that you can put as much or as little sugar as you like.

Truly fabulous, flavorful peppercorns

I have been fortunate to have been able to bring peppercorns from family homes in Kerala but this is in the past. These are the first peppercorns that I can say are equal to the home raised variety. Certainly more expensive than grocery stores or even high end spice shops but ohhhh so worth it.

Great gift


Ordering a pepper/salt combo for a Christmas Gift

I ordered pepper and salt from your company because of a review I read in
the Six Seasons cookbook. This item is a gift so I cannot comment on the
product, but I can say that the customer service was EXCELLENT!!
I also ordered some special Chai tea and a tea strainer as
another gift.
My order was handled promptly and I think I had the items in about 7 to 8 days total. All along the way, I received sweet notes from the person(s)
handling my order.
AND, all the items came carefully wrapped in brown paper. Very lovely
touch......shows you really care.
So, I am SUPER pleased with how my order was handled from start to
finish. I will definitely do business with this company again and this next
time, I will order some items just for me!
Thank you!

Spectacular product

I purchased these grinders to use in my new home. They have such an architectural sense to them, I am over the moon. When my son in law saw them, he fell in love with them too but when he discovered the price, decided he would not buy them for his own home. He and my daughter are young with young children so their money goes toward the more practical aspects of life. He will be so surprised at Christmas to discover I bought him two of these grinders as well. I could not be more pleased with this product!

the best

You will not have prepared your taste buds for the treat they have in store. I have disposed of all other peppercorns in my pantry since discovering these tasty little morsels. Yes, I count myself very much a peppercorn snob now. And proudly. Try them - you will be blown away by the difference between these and the poor imitation of fresh peppercorns - even 'gourmet', that you have suffered thus far. You will, yes you will, even start grinding these tellicherry peppercorns on ice cream. They are that good.

Best tea!!

I love this tea! I mix it with cashew milk and use a tiny bit of honey to sweeten it. I got the big size and it lasts forever. :)

smaller than expected

I ordered the salt and pepper in the Erlenmeyer flasks.

Overall the product is awesome, and the presentation, packing, and shipping speed was all great.
Two small issues with them, one is my fault, one is Reluctant Trading:

SIZE - Even tough i ordered the small, these are much smaller than expected. I expected a bigger flask, and admittedly didn't even look at the dimensions. So if you have an expectation as to what size and Erlenmeyer flask is, just be aware this might be smaller than you expect.

(Other than that they are adorable -- especially for a cook who happens to be a scientist of like modern / industrial design)

NOT SOLD AS A SET: the other thing is these should be available as a paired set at a slight discount. That seems like obvious marketing to me.

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