Red Long Pepper, Cambodian, Kampot Variety

Red Long Pepper, Cambodian, Kampot Variety

Believe it or not, long pepper was once the king of spices in Europe, more popular than the round black stuff. It commanded a king’s ransom, too, at three times the price. Due to cost, though, it quickly fell out of favor.

Today, it’s hard to find anybody who has even heard of the stuff. Yes, it’s still pricey, but it sure is good.

After many years of sampling underwhelming long pepper from around the globe, I was blown away by a beautiful variety from Kampot, Cambodia. (Long pepper is native to Java, Indonesia, and the Cambodians brought the vines over.)

Our fresh dried long pepper is hotter and more complex than regular black pepper. Our variety is also a bit different from other long peppers. It’s not picked from the vines until the pepper fruit is completely ripe and red.

When freshly ground, our long pepper releases big, beautiful notes of gingerbread and a complex earthy, woodsy aroma.

We highly recommend buying our special Microplane Spice Mill for grinding this spice. Then you can keep your long pepper at the dinner table so you can grind your long pepper fresh on the spot. Regular pepper mills won't do the job. And a mortar and pestle sort of works, but leaves a lot of waste.

Our long pepper packs a punch, too. It’s got more heat than the regular black stuff.

We encourage you to try long pepper wherever you use regular pepper. I’ve been totally loving it on steaks and meats. It now has a regular place in our kitchen. I even mix it with our Tellicherry Peppercorns sometimes. 

That was a long explanation of long pepper. The short answer is yes!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Very tasty with a little bite at the end. A great addition to spice up a regular meal.

Phillip Awtrey
Love This Pepper

Reminicent of Sichuan pepper but a bit milder - lovely flavor.

Ronald Johnson
Red Long Pepper

The long red pepper from Cambodia has a slightly different flavor than the more common round pepper balls. It is a little more 'peppery' than the round pepper and I like the flavor. I found that my pepper mills does not grind the long pods very well. I used my side cutters (aka, diagonal cutting pliers) to cut the pods in the shortest pieces or chunks that I could manage. The smaller pieces milled easily in my pepper mill. The long pod pepper is great and is one of the worlds best kept secrets.

Cary White
Excellent Spices

My wife and I, married for 26 years luckily found Reluctant Trading Experiment. Best peppercorns ever. Thank you.

Karl Kononchuk

This is a mind-bending, life-changing upgrade from regular black pepper. Otherworldly aromatics transform humble scrambled eggs into a transcendent experience that will make your eyes roll back in your head. Use this every day on everything. Buy the pepper AND the grinder and don’t look back.