Microplane Spice Mill, Black, 4.5”h

Our Microplane Spice Mill is the ideal tool for grinding and storing hard spices that aren't suitable for our CrushGrind salt and pepper mills.

It's the best tool I've found for grinding our Red Long Pepper, Nutmeg, Star Anise, and Cinnamon.

*Head’s up. This Spice Mill is only recommended for the hard spices listed above. It won’t work well on most other spices.*

The key is the super sharp, stainless steel Microplane rasp on the bottom of the mill. The blade has 128 razor sharp, stainless steel teeth to help pulverize the hardest spices.

For Long Pepper, and Nutmeg, this mill is much more effective than a mortar and pestle. Practical and safe, too.

To operate, just pull the top from the bottom. Drop the spices inside. Push the plunger back in and twist the top while holding the bottom. The harder you push and twist, the finer the grind.

Takes about as much strength as using a mortar and pestle. And the mill works beautifully, leaving no wasted spices. Hard spices can be turned into fine powders.

I'm thrilled with the results as we can now keep our Red Long Pepper on the kitchen table right next to our regular pepper mill. We can now grind it fresh at the table, right when we need it.

The mill feels good in the hand too, as the plastic has a soft touch, matte coating. Should be hand-washed and disassembled for easy cleaning. The mill is 4.5" tall.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Amazingly powerful

Such a great device . I started grinding the hardest spices in my cabinet and ended up with a saucer plate piled up with cinnamon, star anise, and nutmeg

George Hosmer
Great little grinder. Great price.

I needed a grinder for nut meg and hard peppercorns. It works great.

Cindy Graham
Five star company and 5 star spice mill

Does a great job with long pepper! Love it! Very reasonably priced, too! Highly recommend!

George Prager
Microplane spice mill.

The mill works well, and is quite attractive. It's the best thing for grating long pepper. Does one need a grinder for just three spices (nutmeg, long pepper, and star anise-- more like 2+ spices, since star anise is mostly used whole aside from a few masala mixes? But sometimes "want" supersedes "need", especially during pandemic times. It's a relatively inexpensive indulgence.

Sheila Saunders
Not for pepper corns

This little grinder is a very good grinder.....however....I bought it for the white pepper corns and they constantly spill out. It grinds them well, but you cannot leave them in the grinding section because if it tips over your corns are going everywhere. I imagine it is meant for bigger herbs like cinnamon sticks, star anise, etc. Or maybe I am just too clumsy. It isn't the fault of the grinder so I gave it 5 starts because it is solid and grinds well. Just not so sure about the design where the grinding section has to be emptied every time or spills are likely.