Microplane Spice Mill, Black, 4.5"h


Microplane Spice Mill, Black, 4.5"h

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Our Microplane Spice Mill is the ideal tool for grinding and storing hard spices that aren't suitable for our CrushGrind salt and pepper mills.

It's the best tool I've found for grinding our Red Long Pepper, Nutmeg, Star Anise, and Cinnamon.

The key is the super sharp, stainless steel Microplane rasp on the bottom of the mill. The blade has 128 razor sharp, stainless steel teeth to help pulverize the hardest spices.

For Long Pepper, and Nutmeg, this mill is much more effective than a mortar and pestle. Practical and safe, too.

To operate, just pull the top from the bottom. Drop the spices inside. Push the plunger back in and twist the top while holding the bottom. The harder you push and twist, the finer the grind.

Takes about as much strength as using a mortar and pestle. And the mill works beautifully, leaving no wasted spices. Hard spices can be turned into fine powders.

I'm thrilled with the results as we can now keep our Red Long Pepper on the kitchen table right next to our regular pepper mill. We can now grind it fresh at the table, right when we need it.

The mill feels good in the hand too, as the plastic has a soft touch, matte coating. Should be hand-washed and disassembled for easy cleaning. The mill is 4.5" tall.

Regular Non-Rush Delivery starts at just $3.95. It's very reasonable. It's darn fast too. Almost all orders arrive in just a few days. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Would hate for you to be unhappy. The world has enough unhappiness. We're here to make you happy. Okedoke?

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Great Stuff

My experiences purchasing from RTE continue to be stellar. I’ve been pleased with the hardware they sell and the quality of the spices is wonderful - head and shoulders above any other purveyors I’ve found.

Great Spice MIll - Does the Job

I bought this for the Red Peppers -- they are big and need this. Grinder works great, blade is very sharp so don't need much pressure. Looks good anywhere.



It's cute and it works

Tried this little guy out on some annatto seeds, which are very hard. I had previously tried to grind some in my cast iron spice grinder without luck. The microplane spice mill did the job. It's still a lot of work and it does come out very fine, but better than the cast iron spice grinder. Looking forward to using it on nutmeg and some of my other hard spices.

Not exactly what I wanted

I had a supply of Balinese long peppers that
I could not grind properly. They had to be chopped up and no grinder would do the job. This was a Microplane! So, I got it. It grinds them all right without chopping but the grind is quite fine and there is no way to adjust it. I like a coarser texture. So, it does the job but with limitations. It is a good looking grinder with a matte black rubber like finish. When you put the long peppers on the two parts separate quite a bit. Push harder and the grind becomes a little bit coarser.

Hi, thanks for your review of our Microplane mill. Very happy that the Microplane mill was able to grind the pepper that you couldn't grind in any other mill. Sorry it wasn't exactly what you wanted, but I doubt you will find anything better for hard spices. You are correct that there isn't a way to dial in the grind perfectly. But not sure how that could be engineered for hard spices since hard spices need to be shaved as opposed to ground. You can however, vary the pressure that you apply when using the mill that will have a bit of control over the grind. I can tell you that this is absolutely the best mill we've found for grinding long pepper, nutmeg, and star anise. And for $20, I think it is reasonably priced and works really well. I have been using it nearly every day without issue.