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A. You want some of our magic spices or aprons for your restaurant, catering company or store.

For wholesale spice inquiries, visit our wholesale site and apply for an account. For wholesale apron inquiries, click here. 

B. You want to feature me on the cover of Time Magazine as Man of the Year

Send us a message using the form above. I’ll have my assistant’s assistant get back to your assistant to see if we have time to fit that into our busy schedule.

C. You are trying to sell me something

Ah yes, this just might be the case. We all have to make a living. My mailing address is:

The Reluctant Trading Experiment LLC
PO Box 335
Highland Park, IL 60035

D. You are trying to sue me, or worse, trying to sell me SEO services.

You are obviously confusing this Reluctant Trading Experiment with the evil one in Pottsylvania. You can reach them here:

The Evil Reluctant Trading Experiment
Boris Badenov
Chief Executive Officer
Bukhar-Zhyrau Avenue 59/2
Karagandy, Pottsylvania