Magnus Salt or Pepper Mill Dark Walnut - Large 8.5"h

Large (8.5"h)

Proud to be named in Bon Appétit as a "Top 10 Great Specialty Food Store" - June 2017.

While Divakar’s Organic Tellicherry Peppercorns are so extraordinarily good that you’ll be tempted to eat them whole, Divakar does not recommend it. Therefore, you will need a grinder.

I spent the better part of a year looking for one that would live up to Divakar’s signature pepper. I wanted something beautiful, adjustable, consistent and precise. Something that would grind salt and other spices too.

(The Large Magnus Mill is 8.5"h. Also available in Medium Size 7.4"h.)

After trying one mediocre grinder after the next, I stumbled on the Magnus Mill. A gorgeous, minimal, contemporary spice mill designed and manufactured by one of the nicest guys this side of the Kalixälven River in Sweden, Magnus Lundström.

Magnus designed the mill with beautiful, contemporary lines. A timeless, unique design. He constructs each one painstakingly by hand in the States. The entire mill is crafted of American Black Walnut with a top-notch durable hard oil finish. This is a solid mill with just the right amount of heft.

I found it easy to load the peppercorns. (This same mill grinds salt equally well.) I set the adjustable grind dial (on the bottom) to medium coarseness. I picked up the mill with my left hand and twisted the top with my right.

And then I had my holy cow moment (and yes, I mean that literally since we’re dealing with Indian peppercorns). Pepper didn’t just drop from the bottom. It rained from the bottom. No, I’m not kidding, it rained pepper.

Just as a Porsche owner cannot accurately describe the feeling of taking S curves at white knuckle speeds, I cannot accurately explain the feeling of grinding whole peppercorns over steak and pasta with the Magnus Mill. Technically, the mill employs the best available CrushGrind ceramic mechanism in the world. Magnus imports them from Denmark.

How satisfying is it to use the Magnus Mill? Let’s just say that if you took an MRI of my head while grinding pepper or salt, I am highly confident that the pleasure center in my brain would be lit up like a Christmas tree.

  • Price is for one mill; sold individually
  • American Black Walnut Spice Mill
  • Designed by Magnus Lundström in New York City
  • Handmade in the United States
  • Grinds spices including peppercorns and salt and more
  • Fully adjustable grind setting from fine to coarse
  • Uses best CrushGrind® ceramic mechanism from Denmark
  • Ideal gift when paired with our Organic Peppercorns
  • Medium Version: 7.4"h x 2.375"dia. at base
  • Large Version: 8.5"h x 2.5"dia. at base

To load peppercorns, hold bottom half and firmly pull the Walnut Wood piece straight up and off. Fine tune grind coarseness using gray dial on bottom of mill.

Millies Tung Oil or mineral oil may be used to clean wood. Do not substitute other peppercorn or salt brands in place of Reluctant because you know I’ll find out. Do not pass go.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Works like a charm. Great pepper a little or a lot course or fine you can't go wrong.

Form and function

Very nicely designed pepper grinder, works beautifully - thanks!

Pepper grinder

Just got them, but so far we love these grinders.

Great Grind!

I couldn't be happier with this Magnus Pepper Mill...easy to use, tremendous grind and looks great!

5 star

Magnus Salt or Pepper Mill Dark Walnut - Medium 7.4"h

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