Little Cranky Stainless Steel Mill, 3.5”h

Most salt, pepper and spice mills just make us cranky. Very few look good. And even fewer operate smoothly. Fortunately, our "Little Cranky" name only refers to this mill's size and style. We have nothing but big kudos for Little Cranky.  (But please know that this is our smallest mill at 3.5"h. See the photo of me holding the mill for scale. Yes, my hand is famous!)

First of all, Little Cranky can handle pretty much anything you throw at it (or into it.) This mill grinds peppercorns, salt, herbs or spices. 

The mill is only 3.5"h (actually 5"h to the top of the crank), which makes it an ideal companion next to the stove while cooking or on the kitchen table.

Made of precision stainless steel, Little Cranky still weighs in at 10oz. Can't describe how solid and well-built this mill feels in your hand. 

Little Cranky also has an easy to use, front-loading door. And there's an adjustable grind setting on the bottom so you can dial in your grind to your heart's content.

And like all of our mills, it's outfitted with a top-of-the-line ceramic CrushGrind mechanism.

Makes an excellent gift too. 

Little Cranky really cranks.

  • Stainless Steel, 3.5"h
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Grinds whole peppercorns, salt, spices or dried herbs
  • Door slides open for spices
  • Adjustable coarseness setting using dial on bottom
  • Danish designed ceramic CrushGrind grinding mechanism
  • 3.5"h x 2"dia. at base
  • 5"h to top of the crank
  • Crank is 2.5" in length

To clean, use a damp cloth for stainless steel

Grind coarse salt to help clean out oils from spices. For a more thorough cleaning, unscrew gray dial on bottom, remove the ceramic cone and soak in hot water. Make sure the cone is completely dry (24 hours) prior to reattaching to mill.

Do not substitute other peppercorn or salt brands in place of Reluctant because you know I’ll find out. Do not pass go.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Little Cranky Pepper Mill

The Pepper Mill works great. It’s well made and has a smooth action. Service was excellent.

Amazing piece of equipment

Little Cranky can really crank up a storm. Smooth and gorgeous operation. Sits proudly by my stove. I’m in love.

Rosalie Ferris
Lil' Cranky

I recently gifted friends with my favorite little mill.
They declined an invitation to visit me a week later saying
'so sorry, but we can't leave the shiny new pepper grinder unattended'
They were coveting mine when here over the holidays so I couldn't resist getting one in their hands immediately.

Alex Henderson
Great little grinder

Adjusts easily and performs well for fine through course. Easy to fill. Feels great in the hand and crank is smooth as butter. My best pepper mill ever! Only complaint would be that this is mostly an heirloom grinder except for the plastic components. As they say, [only as good as the weakest link]. I am afraid the plastic will limit the life of this terrific grinder.

Margaret n Kaufman
I hate titles (and having my name used)

Your cranky mill is as good as they come. A beautiful, and beautifully made tool- as far as the kitchen, one’s taste buds, and aesthetics. And whoever writes the text on your site deserves many kudos. It is fresh and clever. Many thanks, a very satisfied user