Jesper Pepper or Salt Dark Walnut Mill, 6.6"h

The Danes have been creating some of the most modern and memorable mill designs since the 1950s. The Jesper Mill continues the tradition. The look is simple, clean and timeless. But the clean part actually extends to its function as well.

This is the 6.6"h Jesper Mill. Sold individually or as a set. 

The Jesper can be used to grind Salt or Pepper. In order to keep track of what you’re grinding, there’s a little round magnetic disk recessed in the top of the mill. One side of the disk is engraved with an S and the other side with a P. Buy two if you want to create a set.

You can easily flip the disk from one side to the other based upon what you’re grinding. That really helps if you buy the set. It’s also helpful if you want to play jokes on your kids by flipping the top to S when there is pepper inside. :-D 

The Jesper is outfitted with our favorite type of ceramic grinding mechanism made by CrushGrind. It works smoothly with little effort. When it comes to mills, the mechanism is everything. And CrushGrind is top notch.

The Jesper is crafted of beautiful Dark Walnut wood with a light oil finish. It's also available in Oak. 

The grind is fully adjustable for coarseness by turning the dial on the bottom. To fill the mill, just pull off the top and pour in peppercorns, salt, spices or herbs. The CrushGrind mechanism can handle them all.

Great Danes.

* * * * *

NOTE: There were earlier versions of this mill that were slightly taller without the flippable magnetic S & P disks in the tops. If you bought one of these prior to September 2020 and you are trying to get a match, you might want to check with us first.


  • This mill was updated in September 2020 and replaces the version that was an inch taller and had engraved “S” or “P” in the top.
  • Dark Walnut Wood with a light oil finish
  • Grinds whole peppercorns or salt
  • Sold singly or as a set
  • Gift packaged in a CrushGrind branded cylindrical box suitable for gift giving
  • Removable Magnetic disk in top is engraved with S on one side, P on the other
  • Easily flip the disk to reflect what you are grinding
  • Inset disk is 1/2” wide - choking hazard - keep out of the reach of children
  • Top part of mill lifts off for easy filling
  • Twist to grind
  • Adjustable coarseness with bottom dial
  • Patented CrushGrind ceramic mechanism
  • 6.6”h x 2.25"dia. at base



  • To load peppercorns or salt, hold bottom half and firmly pull the Dark Walnut Wood top straight up and off.
  • To operate mill, hold bottom and twist top.
  • Fine tune grind coarseness using gray dial on bottom of mill.


Do not substitute other peppercorn or salt brands in place of Reluctant because you know I’ll find out. Do not pass go.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Organic Modern

Minimalist and warm. Arrived in beautiful condition. We're loving the ability to control the size of our salt/pepper flakes. Also enjoying the salt and black pepper that was recommended to go with it - will be restocking that through Reluctant.

Dinah L.
Awesome pepper grinder!

Beautiful, ease and efficiency of use and design perfection - this grinder has it all! I was reluctant at first because of price but now that I have it - no regrets! It seems very sturdy and well made so I don't anticipate having to replace it for a long time. That's the logical reason - but mostly I just really love looking at it and using it. Well spent money and I like supporting this company.

Love color, size and function

All make for great product. Just what I was looking for.

Laura Bryson
Outstanding Grinder and Pepper!

We bought two grinders for gifts this year and are thrilled with them! The grinding mechanism is excellent and the special pepper number four is to die for! We will be getting the salt grinder to match, very soon!
I also appreciate the video/story of your journey. Very fun!

Priti Choksi
Love these!

Great to hold in your hands. Excellent quality