5-Peppercorn Medley Mix, Whole

5-Peppercorn Medley Mix, Whole

Our Medley Mix is a like a greatest hits set of Reluctant Trading peppercorns. 

The blend features our signature Black Tellicherry peppercorns as well as our Green, White, Pink and Jamaican Allspice (adds an awesome nutmeg-y scent).

My friend and partner-in-pepper, Divakar, regularly visits the plantations in India and cherry picks the finest peppercorns he can find just for Reluctant Trading.  

One of the top restaurants in the country, Ava Gene’s, described our peppercorns as, “the finest we have ever seen. The flavor and fragrance is comparable to the complex notes of a fine aged wine.”

We give you access to the same peppercorn lots that we regularly supply to our award-winning restaurant chefs across the country.

After you try the medley, we think you'll be yelling for an encore.

The 4oz size is discontinued and no longer available.

  • Includes Tellicherry, Green, White and Pink Peppercorns as well as Jamaican All-Spice
  • Requires grinding in a mill or mortar and pestle
  • Spice sealed in food-grade mylar bag
  • Packaged in resealable kraft tube

We normally ship within 1-2 business days after receiving your order.

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not business days for us. We need some rest too. ;-D

We put together a Shipping FAQs page if you’d like more details on what to expect.

Due to the pandemic, FedEx is no longer guaranteeing 2 Day service, though they should arrive more quickly than other options. Remember, Overnight and 2 Day items require one business day processing time, but we will ship these out first each day.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Would hate for you to be unhappy. The world has enough unhappiness. We're here to make you happy. Okedoke?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Dale Blevins
5 Star Pepper!

My wife and I have learned to love our fresh ground pepper. We use it daily. Typically Tellicherry. But I remember liking some pink peppercorns so when I saw this five pepper blend from Reluctant Trading I knew I had to splurge… and oh I am so glad I did! This is Exceptional pepper! The aroma that drifts up as you grind this over food is mouthwaterinly enticing! I got her a new grinder from Hexclad for Christmas and the sheer volume this grinder produces is epic. Paired with this truly remarkable blend from Reluctant Trading, we are in pepper heaven! Thank You!

Angus MacLean
Real men use this pepper.

If it fits on a fork spork spoon or fingers, this pepper goes on it!

jimmy olmes
Amazing pepper

Will never use off the shelf black pepper again

A R Hendey
Super peppercorns.

All of Reluctant Tradings peppercorns are excellent quality and delivery/communications are spot-on. The Little Birdie System obviously works well!

Excellent quality, prefer without the allspice

The peppercorn medley is excellent quality as you'd expect Reluctant Trader. I'd love to be able to get it without the allspice though, for my taste there is too much of it and the grinder needs to be shaken every time so that the larger pieces allspice are evenly distributed.