White Peppercorns, Whole

Our Whole White Peppercorns balance heat and big, bright citrus notes. Yes, that's right, big, bright citrus notes which are surprisingly beautiful and unexpected in white peppercorns which often have a musty aroma.

We give you access to the exact same white peppercorns that we regularly supply to Michelin star chefs across the country.

The white ones come from the same vines that produce our Signature Black Tellicherry Peppercorns in the tropical hills of Kerala. White Peppercorns are picked last during the harvest when they are the most ripe. (Except that they are usually turning red or yellow when picked.) After a week of washing, the skin of the peppercorn is removed to leave the smooth, round white seeds. Without their skin, the white ones deliver a bit less heat than black peppercorns.

Our White Peppercorns are ideal for use in white sauces, soups and potato recipes. Top restaurants around the country are big fans and order on a regular basis.

One other thing I want you to know. These White Peppercorns and all of our spices are unbelievably fresh because we buy right from the farms in India in small batches. Nothing ever sits. It will be obvious what I'm talking about the second you open the package. 

  • Whole White Peppercorns from Wayanad, India
  • Features a pleasantly surprising, fresh citrus aroma
  • Ideal for use in white sauces, soups and potatoes
  • Sold to top restaurants in Chicago and Portland
  • Requires grinding in a mill or mortar and pestle
  • Sealed in food-grade mylar bag
  • Packaged in resealable kraft tube

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
joanna cieslak
White pepper corns

Excellent fragrant corns

M Hersh
Pricey, but excellent

Very fresh, high quality berries. It’s quite dear, but in my experience inferior white pepper is not worth the money or the time.

Maurice Deutsch

Outstanding White Peppercorns—aromatic, fruity, spicy, perfumed, and wonderful in all dishes.

Shae Purcell
What a difference!

I had previously purchased ground white pepper from another shop and had been using it frequently in many dishes. It had quite a musky aroma, reminiscent of the hippopotamus exhibit at the local zoo if I'm being honest, but the description on the side of the bottle prepared me somewhat for the strong smell so I assumed this must be how white pepper is supposed to taste. After learning the hard way not to use a heavy hand with this particular spice, I came across an article describing The Reluctant Trading Experiment's white pepper as citrusy and bright. Not at all what I had experienced with the other brand. I ordered some right away, to compare, and opened it as soon as it arrived. The difference was astonishing. The two were absolutely nothing alike! All that time I had mostly likely been adding spoiled white pepper to my dishes and hadn't even realized it. I tossed the rest of my ground white pepper and haven't looked back. The whole white peppercorns from Reluctant Trading have a permanent spot in my spice cabinet.

Holly R
Definitely Extraordinary!

This white pepper has a subtle, fresh taste. It brings out the flavor of what you season without overpowering it.