Green Cardamom Pods, Whole

Green Cardamom Pods, Whole

I wish there was a way you could scratch 'n sniff these photos so you could smell the Green Cardamom that my friend Divakar sources for us in Southwest India. These Whole Green Cardamom Pods have an absolutely gorgeous aroma. They have notes of grapefruit, ginger, mint, licorice and menthol.

In fact, our Michelin star chef customers agree. We give you access to the exact same green cardamom lots that they are buying from us on a regular basis.

Some recipes call for green cardamom to be used whole, while others ask for green cardamom powder. When a recipe calls for powder, simply squeeze the pods and remove the seeds. You can discard the shells.

Use a mortar and pestle to grind the seeds. Continue grinding until the seeds turn into a fine powder.

This cardamom and all of our spices are unbelievably fresh because we buy right from the farms in India in small batches. Nothing ever sits. It will be obvious what I'm talking about the second you open the package. 

  • Fresh, fragrant sweet whole green cardamom pods
  • Handpicked on a farm in sourthern India
  • Notes of grapefruit, ginger, mint, menthol and licorice
  • Complements meat, veggies, rice dishes, curries and desserts
  • Spice sealed in food-grade mylar bag
  • Packaged in resealable kraft tube

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Green Cardamom

Powerful aroma. Definitely not your typical cardamom.

Green Cardamom Pods, Whole

Fresh and high quality product.

Erika Toney

What lovely pepper corns. Big and bursting with flavor and heat. Arrived on time and beautifully packaged. Cardamom also amazing. Made blender quick infusion gin and tonic with both right away. Delicious.

Gregory Rutchik, Esq.
Freshest top quality spices I never knew I needed

Once you have used fresh cardimon or pepper, you have entered a layer of life not known before. Green ? Black? Did you know you didnt know the diff? Now you do. Pepper varietals that will blow your mind. Get the long pepper too and some garam masala and tikka. Off the charts. Wish they still sold in larger sizes above 2oz

Wonderful, fragrant cardamom

I usually buy cardamom from a local store in the bulk section. But now with the pandemic - well you know how it is. I got a jar in desperation at a store, but it was pretty dismal. I did a internet search + found Reluctant. The order came quickly - the cardamom is fresh, green, fragrant, a generous amount. Plus the whimsical nature of Scott. With all the heaviness in the world today, it is refreshing to be able to enjoy something as simple as fresh, fragrant cardamom pods.