Black Cardamom Pods, Whole

Black Cardamom Pods, Whole

Our whole fresh black cardamom pods are sourced in the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas. Open a package and the first thing you'll notice is the smokiness. That's because they're dried over a slow fire.

We give you access to the exact same black cardamom that we regularly supply to Michelin star chefs across the country.

Black cardamom adds serious depth and complexity to Indian dishes. But don't confuse black cardamom with green cardamom. Black cardamom is smoky, earthier and and has less camphor notes.

When a recipe calls for black cardamom powder, simply squeeze the pods, remove the seeds, and discard the shells. Use a mortar and pestle to grind the seeds. Continue grinding until the seeds turn into a powder.

Complements meat, rice and North Indian dishes like Chicken Tikka and lamb curry.

One other thing I want you to know. This cardamom and all of our spices are unbelievably fresh because we buy right from the farms in India in small batches. Nothing ever sits. You'll see what I mean the moment you open the package.

  • Fresh whole black cardamom pods dried over a slow fire
  • From a small farm at the base of the Indian Himalayas
  • Smoky, bold, complex flavors
  • Complements meats, rice and North Indian curries
  • Spice sealed in food-grade mylar bag
  • Packaged in resealable kraft tube

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Customer Reviews

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Jeff J
Black Cardamom Pods

The black cardamom I received from Reluctant Trading was excellent. From packaging, to service, to my bbq sauce, I was quite pleased. The quality is top notch and will be back to buy more.

Unique flavors, thoughtfully curated

I wanted to step my pepper game up to match my salt game and found this gem of a company. Really interesting and well cared for spices. The flavors have been outstanding. The designs of the accessories they curate are lovely as well.

So good!

I am loving these cardamom pods. They're really flavorful and bring such a great smokiness to my cooking. I can’t wait to try the green pods too!

Delicious and Fresh

I've bought black cardamom pods before, but never as good as these. They're very fresh and fragrant and add a slight smokiness to the savory (mostly Indian) dishes they are added to. Really a terrific and underappreciated spice.

super smoky and yum <3

i was looking for black cardamom seeds to round out some flavors for a chai blend i was making and stumbled across the reluctant trading experiment.

if you are thinking of getting black cardamom, i can't recommend these ones enough! they arrived promptly with a note thanking me for my order. i opened the silver package that came enclosed in the cardboard tube and i was hit with a really smoky, musky, maybe almost tobacco aroma. like pure campfire. it is really great.

i threw just a few pods into my chai blend because a little goes a really long way here. i only got a 2oz tube but foresee these lasting me awhile. they are fresh and excellent and add a very nice depth to chai, but i am excited to reserve the rest of them for more savory applications. they grind well but are still a little soft--not overly hard and stale.

customer service from reluctant trading is also really excellent! if you are looking to give black cardamom a shot, i urge you to start here.