1 Lb. Tellicherry Black Peppercorns Gift Bag

1 Lb. Tellicherry Black Peppercorns Gift Bag

Expected back in stock by end of March.

Make gift giving easy with a 1 lb. tube of our signature Tellicherry Peppercorns in a textile, playfully illustrated gift bag. 

These are the peppercorns that I sell to some of the top restaurants in the country. My friend in India, Divakar, regularly travels the pepper farms and cherry picks the largest, most fragrant Tellicherry peppercorns. He ships them direct in small lots so they stay incredibly fresh. No middlemen. 

Ava Gene's, voted one of the top restaurants in the country by Bon Appetit, described our Tellicherry Peppercorns as, “The finest we have ever seen.”

Our whole black Tellicherry peppercorns have a beautiful citrus aroma and helped us launch the company. Our signature item. 

  • Whole Black Tellicherry Peppercorns from India
  • Special Extra Bold, largest of crop, over 4.75mm
  • Our signature product that launched the company
  • Beautiful aroma with citrus notes, medium heat
  • Handpicked
  • Sold to top restaurants in Chicago and Portland
  • Sealed in food-grade mylar bag
  • Packaged in resealable kraft tube

We normally ship within 1-2 business days after receiving your order.

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Organic Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns, Divakar's No. 004

Good peppercorns!

They have a wonderful fragrance! Seems like a good source to support.

Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns

Exceptional pepper!
Extremely satisfied..

Awesome Tellicherry Organic Pepper!

I was recently gifted a Tellicherry pepper that wasn't from the Reluctant Trading Experiment. My friend noted that it had to be excellent because it was very expensive.....Wrong! After trying it for a couple of weeks I reordered the Organic Tellicherry Pepper from RTE. Believe me, I won't ever let anyone else try to fool me! Give this awesome product a chance!

Not your mother's pepper!

I recently ordered and received Organic Tellicherry Black Whole Peppercorns, Divakar's No. 004 from Reluctant Trading and let me tell you, they are like nothing I've experienced - in such a good way! The aroma is intoxicating and inviting. The taste is so noticeably better than your 'regular' pepper, you're going to be ruined for life; never, ever going back! Another thing I noticed right away, the peppercorns are soft and luxurious, not little, dried out pieces of gravel like other peppercorns I've used. When I began grinding these the first time, I thought my grinder was broken, it didn't sound or feel like there were rocks in there! So I looked and, sure enough, wonderful, fragrant, beautiful spice was flowing from my grinder! Viola! I'm now more Reluctant than ever! Look, you already love to cook, so spoil yourself already and order from the Reluctant Trader! What are you waiting for? Oh, and their shipping - lightening fast, I don't know what takes these other online businesses so long, they blame the pandemic but the Reluctant Trader rises above! Do it!