Vietnamese Coffee Filter - Phin, Stainless Steel, Medium

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To make our delicious Vietnamese Vroom! Vroom! Coffee correctly, you’ll need a Vietnamese Coffee Filter, otherwise known in Vietnam as a phin. You’ll also need sweetened condensed milk. Or you can just buy everything together in our Vietnamese Coffee Starter Set.

To keep things authentic, we import our phins directly from Vietnam.

The phin is a smart and straightforward little device. It’s basically a slow dripper that’s meant to be placed on top of glass. It will fit on top of most common glasses. 

Here’s how it works.

  • Add coarsely ground Vroom! Vroom! Vietnamese coffee grinds to the brew chamber.
  • Compress the grinds with the perforated tamper.
  • Set the whole unit on top of a glass with a mouth that’s 2.75" - 3.85" wide
  • Pour in a few cycles of hot water. Takes about 5 minutes to make a coffee.

The phin is made for brewing one coffee at a time. If you want to make two or three Vietnamese coffees at the same time, you’ll want to buy two or three phins, and line up the glasses on the counter rather than making one after another which takes much longer.

We include detailed brewing directions with each phin. You can also download directions here.

Each phin is made of high quality stainless steel. They’re dishwasher safe, though I find it fastest to wash them by hand.


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