Vroom! Vroom! Vietnamese Whole Bean Coffee

Vroom! Vroom! Vietnamese Whole Bean Coffee

Expected back in stock by the end of June.

NOTE: If this is your first experience with Vietnamese Coffee, I first recommend buying our Vietnamese Coffee Starter Set. It includes everything you need except a grinder. Come back to this page when you run out of beans. See you again soon! 

Reluctant Trading has always been about discovery and falling in love. I try a lot of stuff that I like. But “like” is not enough to be a Reluctant Trading product. To bring something into the shop, I have to love it.

Well, I’m in love again. 

I discovered this spectacular Vietnamese coffee by way of Thu Pham, the superwoman behind Càphê, Philadelphia's only Vietnamese roastery.

Thu roasts a ridiculously delicious blend of robusta and arabica beans from Vietnam and Thailand. (These are whole beans, so you’ll need a grinder.)

First things first. Authentic Vietnamese coffee isn’t brewed in a drip maker. If you do that, it will not taste good and people will call you names. You don’t want that. 

So you’ll need a Vietnamese coffee filter (a phin) and sweetened condensed milk. You can make it easy and get everything you need in the starter set. We also sell everything separately. For brewing tips, check out this post which includes directions.

The magic of Vroom! Vroom! takes place when you combine the super dark chocolatey coffee with the thick, gooey, sweetened condensed milk. It’s definitely 1 + 1 = 3. 

Thu roasts the beans to perfection - super duper dark and smoky. The aroma you get from just grinding the beans can make your knees knock.

The brew is terrific as iced coffee on a hot day or hot coffee on a cold one. 

Why did I name it Vroom! Vroom!? The coffee has enough caffeine to rev your engine for hours. And the name reminded me of all the motorbikes flying around the streets of Vietnam during my last visit.


Vietnamese Authentic Coffee Starter Set
Vietnamese Coffee Filter, Stainless Steel Phin
Longevity Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk


(Our Vroom! Vroom! Vietnamese Whole Bean Coffee is now only available in a 10oz bag; the 2lb bag is no longer available.)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

As always the purchases from The Reluctant Trader were great. I’m loving the Vietnamese coffee

Brian Geltner

Nice and strong, the beans smell great. I drink it black / no sugar. The flavor is an acquired taste. Similar to chicory coffee.

Best coffee I've ever tried!

I absolutely love love love this coffee. It's delicious, smooth, low in acidity, and gives a fantastic caffeine boost without jitters. I also love the ritual of using the set, and I haven't felt like getting coffee out since I got it. I intend to be a regular customer going forward and I've already ordered two more bags of Vroom! Vroom!

Melissa W
The best part of waking up

Is this coffee in your cup. Seriously. It’s good. It’ll wake you up and remind you what real coffee can do to your synapses. Highly recommend for people who have a bad case of "I don't wanna" or "My cat wouldn't let me sleep." Motivation in a cup. It's also really enjoyable as a Vietnamese coffee kit, which is the bomb if you don't have a good local pho restaurant serving up hot cups of sustenance.

Timothy Lamb
Vroom Vroom

I love experimenting with different coffee. Got the Vroom Vroom and Phin to make Vietnamese style coffee. My wife and I both loved it.