Monsoon Moon, Indian Single Origin Whole Bean Peaberry Coffee

Monsoon Moon, Indian Single Origin Whole Bean Peaberry Coffee

** To ensure that you receive the freshest beans, we roast locally in small batches. If we happen to be out of stock, it won't be for more than a few days. Provide your email address and we will definitely let you know as soon as the coffee is back in stock and ready to ship. **

We are over the moon (the Monsoon Moon) about introducing our first coffee, an Indian Whole Bean Peaberry from the highlands of Karnataka. 

We worked with our partner and friend on the ground in India, Mr. Divakar, to source this surprisingly delicious and layered, medium-city-roasted, smooth-drinking coffee. We roast it fresh every week in Crown Point, Indiana with a local craft roaster.

I say surprisingly delicious because India isn't exactly known for its coffee. But India is a big country and if you look hard and long enough, you can find extraordinary things everywhere.  

Unlike most Indian coffee, our single origin coffee uses only the more expensive arabica beans that grow at high elevations. Over 3,300 feet above sea level to be exact. 

Mr. Peaberry
Monsoon Moon is also a peaberry coffee. Peaberry is a natural mutation of a coffee bean within the cherry. Normally coffee beans grow two to a fruit, flat against each other like two halves of a peanut. But in about 5% of the cherries, only a smaller bean is found. Peaberry beans are hand-sorted from the crop. Peaberry beans are complex and full of flavor. 

Sourced in Coorg, India. Roasted in Crown Point, Indiana.
We are working with a talented local roaster in Indiana, close to our warehouse, to ensure that Monsoon Moon is beautifully roasted in small batches and always fresh. 

Tasting Notes from Alex the Roaster
I was going to describe the coffee to you myself, but then an email just showed up from Alex, our coffee roaster. His description was so awesome, I'm just going to reprint the words from his email:

"Scott, I am finding notes of brown sugar, nutmeg, nougat and a hint of baked apple. Very drinkable, super tasty, with a medium body and a light rock sugar sweetness that lingers on the tongue." 

Alex found a medium, city roast, the ideal way to bring out all the notes in the coffee.

Whole Bean Coffee Fed by the Monsoon
Our Monsoon Moon Coffee is whole bean, so you'll have to grind it yourself or find someone to grind it for you. That's the best way to ensure max freshness.

Each resealable bag contains 10 oz of whole coffee beans. (FYI, our coffee is fed by the annual monsoon, but it's not a "Monsoon Malabar" coffee.)

A Pair of Indian Sippers
Monsoon Moon is also available in a gift box with our outstanding Bollywood Theater Masala Chai. Check out a Pair of Indian Sippers Gift Box. 

Coffee Blessing
The last thing I'll leave you with is the words from the back of the coffee bag.

Grown in the shade.
Fed by the monsoon.
Blessed by the light of the moon.


  • Each bag contains 10 ounces of whole bean coffee
  • Roasted in small batches by a local Indiana roaster
  • Single origin, Arabica beans
  • Peaberry beans - smaller beans that are a natural mutation - hand sorted and full of flavor

We normally ship within 1-2 business days after receiving your order.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Shay Slater

Monsoon Moon, Indian Single Origin Whole Bean Peaberry Coffee

Phyllis Guinan
Love Peaberry coffee

Great coffee. The best. Drank it when I lived in India. So happy to have found it. Than you

Gil Tunnell
love the Monsoon coffee beans

exquisite taste, shipment very fresh

Very Smooth

I’m not a hot coffee person, so I don’t know what to compare it to, I mostly always drink cold brew coffee with almond milk. With this coffee, I decided to make it an experience. I bought a hand held grinder and a 2 cup pour over. All I can say is, that I could drink this coffee alone. It’s nice & smooth but at first sip, I taste a slight airy tartiness (on the tip of my tongue) than it goes mild, smooth and nutty. It’s a real delight to drink! I almost don’t want to add any creamer.......but I did and I really love it as iced coffee with creamer - so incredibly good!!

Shannon Overdahl
Over the Moon!

I can't believe the Monsoon Moon coffee is this good. It's little round balls of goodness that you wouldn't think could be great coffee -- but it's the BEST coffee I have ever had (and I am a coffee snob)!