Corky Modern Glass Spice Jar, 4.75"h

Glass Jar with Cork

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We fell in love with these glass spice jars because of their clean modern design. We remain in love with them because of their practicality. 

At 4.75"h and 2"w on the bottom, they can handle everything from cardamom pods to bay leaves. They're made of heat resistant glass, so they're dishwasher safe (including the corks!) and microwave safe too.

These modern glass jars display equally well on a countertop or kitchen table.

Have we gone on too long about our spice jars? Okay, we'll put a cork in it.

  • Glass spice jar with cork
  • Spices not included
  • 4.75"h with cork, 4.25"h without cork, 2"w at base, 1.375"w at opening, cork is 1"h
  • Glass and cork are dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • 150 ml jar

Dishwasher and microwave safe


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Customer Reviews

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Kathleen Bramall K.B. Kathleen B.
These Are The Spice Jars That I Love

So pretty! Love that they are dishwasher safe too. There has only been one problem: they are too cute to put away in the spice cupboard. They insist on sitting on the windowsill where I can enjoy looking at them. And they keep more of us, buy more...more...

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