Makrut Lime Leaves

Makrut Lime Leaves

Makrut lime leaves are called a lot of different names. But however you know them, you will likely recognize their gorgeous citrus aroma.

The leaves are found in Thai food (Tom Yum), Cambodian cuisine (krueng), and Vietnamese dishes.

Our fresh leaves are harvested by hand in small batches in Cambodia. They're washed and dried at a low temperature and immediately packaged to retain their aroma.

Like all of our spices, we bring them in fresh and direct from the source. We don't buy through middlemen where spices sit and get stale. We supply award-winning restaurants around the country with our spices. We offer the same spice lots to you at home.

Add our Makrut lime leaves to soups, fish, chicken, and curries. And call them what you will. We usually just call them delicious. 


We normally ship within 1-2 business days after receiving your order.

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Customer Reviews

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Saul Seerveld
Solid Product

This is the closest in quality I have gotten to freshly picked lime leaves to recreate some Indonesian dishes I have made. Quality is worth the price.

Helen Atkinson
Almost as good as the fresh ones

It's super-hard to get ahold of fresh makrut lime leaves, so this is a wonderful back-up. They are very fragrant. The only challenge is to make sure you get them immersed in liquid (preferably whatever you're cooking) for long enough, so they don't remain as dry flakes. For the Thai-flavor-deprived, which is most of the country, thoroughly recommended.

K. Garrison

Made Pho. This product made it even better. It's the real deal. Buy it.

Joseph Barnes
Market Lime Leaves are outstanding

I lived in Singapore for 8 years and these lime leaves add terrific flavor and aroma to the South East Asian dishes. Lime juice and lime zest are a poor substitute for these great leaves..

A Breath of Fresh Air!

Wow! It's amazing how fresh and fragrant these spices are. The Makrut Lime Leaves are a good as the fresh ones we used to be able to get and the Cambodian Long Peppercorns have a bright citrus-like flavor with a feisty bite. A great enhancement to eggs and soups.