Vroom! Vroom! Authentic Vietnamese Coffee Starter Set

Vroom! Vroom! Authentic Vietnamese Coffee Starter Set

Reluctant Trading has always been about discovery and falling in love. I try a lot of stuff that I like. But “like” is not enough to be a Reluctant Trading product. To bring something into the shop, I have to love it.

Well, I’m in love again. 

I discovered this spectacular Vietnamese coffee by way of Thu Pham, the superwoman behind Càphê, Philadelphia's only Vietnamese roastery.

Thu roasts a ridiculously delicious blend of robusta and arabica beans from Vietnam and Thailand. (These are whole beans, so you’ll need a grinder.)

Our Authentic Vietnamese Starter Set includes everything you (or your lucky gift recipient) will need to make delicious Vietnamese coffee. 

Each Coffee Set, packaged in a Reluctant Trading printed textile gift bag, includes:

- 10 oz Bag of Vroom! Vroom! Vietnamese Whole Bean Coffee
- Traditional Stainless Steel Vietnamese Coffee Filter (called a phin)
- One 14 oz Can of Longevity Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
- Brewing directions

First things first. Authentic Vietnamese coffee isn’t brewed in a drip maker. If you do that, it will not taste good and people will call you names. You don’t want that. 

It takes about 5 - 10 minutes to make a Vietnamese coffee, but it’s easy once you do it a couple of times. You will need your own grinder.

The magic of Vroom! Vroom! takes place when you combine the super dark chocolatey coffee with the gooey, sweetened condensed milk. It’s like 1 + 1 = 3. You’ll want to make it in a glass, the traditional way.

Thu roasts the beans to perfection - super duper dark and smoky. The aroma you get from just grinding the beans can make your knees knock.

The brew is terrific as iced coffee on a hot day or hot coffee on a cold one. 

Why did I name it Vroom! Vroom!? The coffee has enough caffeine to rev your engine for hours. And it also reminded me of all the motorbikes flying around the streets of Vietnam during my last visit.


Vietnamese Vroom! Vroom! Whole Bean Coffee
Vietnamese Coffee Filter, Stainless Steel Phin
Longevity Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This is the most fun I have ever had making coffee. I love strong coffee and without the milk it hits all the good spots. With the milk it is so great on ice. I highly recommend!!!

Teresa Leonard
This Coffee is great

it took alittel time;but was worth it.

Patricia Eckerstrom
Wow, Vroom Vroom coffee is amazing and made all the better by Scott's wit, charm and general joi...

Love the coffee, totally vroomy. Love the story, the packaging, the graphics, and that cute as a button authentic drip maker. And....thanks for the reminder email about how to get the perfect cup...it reminded me that you don't want the grind too fine....or you'll wait a long time!

Coffee lovers must try! Do it!

I am a serious coffee drinker. Multiple glasses of home made cold brew kind of coffee drinker. Have every type of coffee contraption. Multiple roasts on hand. Grind my own beans. Spent most of my youth as a barista. I really really love coffee.

This may be my new favorite kind of coffee.

Easy to prep, even a bit meditative. Creamy and rich with quite a kick. The condensed milk is a great component I don't drink dairy and this gave me no problem. (It is pretty sweet though, 1 tbsp is more than enough for me.)

Love it over ice. Such a nice treat but also so simple. Best part is one cup easily gets me through my day, versus the 2+ cups of cold brew I drank before. No mid afternoon crash!

Delicious, easy, fun and highly caffinated, what more could you ask for? Definitely give this a try. I'm very happy to add this to my coffee rotation.

Branka Ignjatic
Great coffee

I bought Vietnamese coffee starter for my husband. He said the coffee is great and easy to make. The coffee is strong for me but he really enjoys it. Good product, thanks