Jesper Pepper or Salt Dark Walnut Mill, 6.6"h

Jesper Pepper or Salt Dark Walnut Mill, 6.6"h

Expected back in stock by the end of December.

The Danes have been creating some of the most modern and memorable mill designs since the 1950s. The Jesper Mill continues the tradition. The look is simple, clean and timeless. But the clean part actually extends to its function as well.

This is the 6.6"h Jesper Mill. Sold individually or as a set. 

The Jesper can be used to grind Salt or Pepper. In order to keep track of what you’re grinding, there’s a little round magnetic disk recessed in the top of the mill. One side of the disk is engraved with an S and the other side with a P. Buy two if you want to create a set.

You can easily flip the disk from one side to the other based upon what you’re grinding. That really helps if you buy the set. It’s also helpful if you want to play jokes on your kids by flipping the top to S when there is pepper inside. :-D 

The Jesper is outfitted with our favorite type of ceramic grinding mechanism made by CrushGrind. It works smoothly with little effort. When it comes to mills, the mechanism is everything. And CrushGrind is top notch.

The Jesper is crafted of beautiful Dark Walnut wood with a light oil finish. It's also available in Oak. 

The grind is fully adjustable for coarseness by turning the dial on the bottom. To fill the mill, just pull off the top and pour in peppercorns, salt, spices or herbs. The CrushGrind mechanism can handle them all.

Great Danes.

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NOTE: There were earlier versions of this mill that were slightly taller without the flippable magnetic S & P disks in the tops. If you bought one of these prior to September 2020 and you are trying to get a match, you might want to check with us first.


  • This mill was updated in September 2020 and replaces the version that was an inch taller and had engraved “S” or “P” in the top.
  • Dark Walnut Wood with a light oil finish
  • Grinds whole peppercorns or salt
  • Sold singly or as a set
  • Gift packaged in a CrushGrind branded cylindrical box suitable for gift giving
  • Removable Magnetic disk in top is engraved with S on one side, P on the other
  • Easily flip the disk to reflect what you are grinding
  • Inset disk is 1/2” wide - choking hazard - keep out of the reach of children
  • Top part of mill lifts off for easy filling
  • Twist to grind
  • Adjustable coarseness with bottom dial
  • Patented CrushGrind ceramic mechanism
  • 6.6”h x 2.25"dia. at base



  • To load peppercorns or salt, hold bottom half and firmly pull the Dark Walnut Wood top straight up and off.
  • To operate mill, hold bottom and twist top.
  • Fine tune grind coarseness using gray dial on bottom of mill.


Do not substitute other peppercorn or salt brands in place of Reluctant because you know I’ll find out. Do not pass go.


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Customer Reviews

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Kerry Kincaid
Not Your Ordinary Salt and Pepper Grinders

So, I found a link to the Reluctant Trading Experiment website from a web search of "salt and pepper grinders made from wood." Though many links and images appeared instantly and seemingly out of nowhere, or everywhere I guess, the simple and sturdy lines of the Jesper Mill caught my eye. And, I might add, did the name the Reluctant Trading Experiment! What were they reluctant about, I thought - the death of the small bricks and mortar shops? if people would agree their merchandise was as lovely and sturdy as their buyers thought?
Anyway, I clicked around the website to examine the salt and pepper shaker. It was indeed made of wood - black walnut specifically - like the majestic black walnut tree outside my kitchen window. And cleverly suited to either salt and pepper, or just pepper, or just salt. The little magnet disk on the top that let's you decide which is which - brilliant - and a wise use of resources, I might add.
So, now I have the salt and pepper mills in my kitchen. We use them everyday, even when there's no company for dinner. They are indeed sturdy, but also lovely and practical and alive. I'm glad I bought the Jesper salt and pepper mills, and think the vendor need not be reluctant any longer.

Gregory Razo
Great grinder!

We bought boys medium and a large grinder for salt and pepper. These grind well every time. There’s no constant adjustment required as in some less worthy grinders. This product works great!

Nice mill

Pretty, grinds well.


I am very happy with this purchase. I have purchased one of these sets for my self and a second one as a gift. I would highly recommend not only this gift set but any product from Reluctant Trading

Great pepper mill

We have purchased many cheap mills over the years and we have never been happy with them. So far this mill works perfectly and it looks super cool.