Why Pay Extra for Organic Tellicherry Pepper and All Natural Flake Sea Salt?

September 22, 2013

Pepper has become the Rodney Dangerfield of spices. It doesn't get any respect.

At one time, countries invaded each other just for spices. Peppercorns were so valuable, they were referred to as black gold. My, how times have changed. Pepper is now the Rodney Dangerfield of spices. It doesn’t get any respect. Somehow, we were trained that all salt and pepper taste the same even though there are big differences. Companies found ways to process salt and pepper so they can sell it at the lowest prices. Never mind that chemical processing and long warehouse times often destroy the taste of these products.

Most people think it’s ridiculous to pay a couple extra dollars for premium pepper and salt. Even when they realize there’s a difference in taste, most won’t pay extra for salt and pepper.

Now, I’m all for saving a buck, but I think people lose perspective on this topic. Switching to the premium varieties on a daily basis is way less expensive than most think. Why? Think about how often you go through it.

Reluctant Trading Icelandic Sea Salt costs pennies a day.A bag of Icelandic Flake Sea Salt is likely to last at least six months, even if you’re a heavy user. A grind here and a few flakes there is all you need to transform a meal. When you divide the cost by the amount of servings, you’re talking about an extra penny or two over what you’d normally pay for the regular stuff at the grocery store.

Think about how much you pay for fish, meat and fresh vegetables. Why wouldn’t you spend an extra couple cents to take your meals to another level?

Choose our Organic Tellicherry Peppercorns and all-natural Icelandic flake salt, and you’ll avoid the pesticides, chemicals and add back valuable nutrients. For just a penny or two per serving. That’s it.

I realize you never offered me a penny for my thoughts. I guess I’d rather have you spend it on some fantastic pepper and salt.