A Special Thank You to Divakar and Family

November 07, 2012

NOTE: This was written last night, but posted in London due to slow net connection. There will be several more India posts as I get caught up in the next several hours. Wanted to get this one up post haste.

I’m now back in Kozhikode, getting ready to start my journey home tomorrow. I’ve been in India for 9 days, but it went by faster than a green and yellow auto rickshaw.

I came here to visit my friend Divakar and his family, see, learn and share more about peppercorns and to look for more extraordinary spices. It was a successful trip on all counts.

Divakar told me that it's Hindu custom to treat guests as if they are God. After spending several days with Divakar and his family, I can tell you that this isn’t just something they say. I’ve never felt so at home on the other side of the planet.

Shaila, Suma and Parvathy cooked me traditional Indian breakfast and dinner several days in a row. They made incredible masala dosas, fish molly and crab curry (there were too many delicious things to even remember). But as amazing as the food was, it wasn’t even the best part. It was the way Divakar’s family took me into their home. It was the way they smiled and laughed with me. The way they asked questions about my wife and kids and looked through all the photos on my phone. It was the way they asked about life in America. After just a day or two, I felt like I was part of their family.

On the third day, Divakar insisted on taking me out to get some traditional clothes for a formal dinner in their home. The boys enjoyed dressing me up for the event. After dinner, we took lots of photos together.

Divakar, Shaila, Suma, Parvathy, Revanth, Abhilash and Akshay, thank you so much for your incredible hospitality. I enjoyed getting to know all of you and becoming part of your family for the week. You have an open invitation to come stay in my home in America anytime. I promise not to dress you up in t-shirts, shorts and baseball hats. I'll just throw on my mundu again. Your clothes are way cooler. 

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