Fresh Green Cardamom from India

Why we don’t do promo codes. (But if you sign up for our newsletter, you might get a little something from time to time.)

Look, everyone loves a discount, including myself. But we don’t do a whole lot of discounting.

Instead, we build value into our products and customer service rather than overcharging and using a lot of gimmicks to get you to buy. No small business trying to provide amazing products can make it by giving lots of stuff away.

In order to provide the freshest possible spices, we import our spices several times a year. It’s not cheap, but the products are outstanding. We sell to award-winning chefs across the country. We give you access to the same stuff. 

That said, we do occasionally run a little something here and there. If you sign up for our newsletter, we’ll let you know. But don’t expect free shipping and big discounts.

Hope you understand and give us a chance to show you just how much better small-batch, direct-sourced spices can be. 

Believe it or not, you’ll actually save money because our spices our so fresh, you won’t have to use as much.