Kala Namak, Indian Black Salt Powder

Okay, first things first. It’s called Black Salt and yet it’s pink. What gives? Well, the rocks are black before it is ground into powder. 

For those unfamiliar, Kala Namak has a sulfurous aroma. It adds a umami egg-like flavor to cooking. It’s quite popular in both Indian cooking and in vegan dishes.

I have to admit that it can take a bit getting used to the taste for the uninitiated. The sulfur aroma isn’t a traditional American thing - and can be off-putting at first. But after having my share of chaat masalas the last few years, I have become totally hooked on the taste. 

Kala Namak Black Salt is ideal with chaat masalas, chutneys, and curries. It also goes well with fruits and chicken. Vegans often use it in a dish called a "Tofu Scramble” to simulate fresh scrambled eggs. 

For something a little different, try it on sprinkled on buttered popcorn. Pairs well with the Indian movie “White Tiger."


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Quality spices

Worth it.

Michael Festa, Jr
Best Salt

I prepared a roasted vegetable lasagna with red long pepper and kala namak black salt with fresh cuban oregano, The salt provided umami flavor that was truly amazing. Thank you for being the best spice company. See my Instagram photos mfestajr

Three Cheers for Eggy Tofu!

I have been on the hunt for kala namak since I went vegan more than a year ago. Unable to find it in brick and mortar retail stores, I finally caved and found it here. I love that it’s decently priced, was shipped quite quickly, and has sufficiently leveled up my tofu scramble game. Yeah!


What a great company, with very entertaining & fun senses of humor. I am very impressed with the quality of products. I expect I will return to shop often. Thank you!

Leah Williams
Vegan fav

Nice alternative