1 Lb. Icelandic Flaky Sea Salt Gift Bag

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Make gift giving easy with a 1 lb. tube of our signature Icelandic Flaky Sea Salt in a textile, playfully illustrated gift bag. 

Our delicious Icelandic Flaky Sea Salt comes from the pristine water of a North Arctic Ocean stream surrounded by Icelandic glaciers. It's harvested in small-batches and shipped directly to our door for freshness. 

We sell this salt on a regular basis to award-winning restaurants across the country. 

Crumble onto fish, pasta, salads and meats. It has a delicious clean and crunchy taste, without a salty burn. See why top restaurants from Copenhagen to Chicago are using our Icelandic Sea Salt.

  • Flake white Icelandic sea salt from Arctic waters
  • All natural, unrefined, hand-harvested finishing salt
  • Clean taste, coarse texture
  • No grinder needed, crumble and sprinkle with fingers
  • Perfect for steak, fish, pasta, veggies and dark chocolate
  • Spice sealed in food-grade mylar bag
  • Packaged in resealable kraft tube
  • Used by top Copenhagen chefs in Michelin star restaurants
  • Reviews

    “It’s now being used at our restaurant. This is one of the finest sea salts.” – Executive Chef Todd Stein, Two Urban Licks Atlanta

    “It’s booted our former go-to garnishing salt off the counter.” – Heather Sperling, Editor, Tasting Table Chicago

    “My cooking has never tasted so good. This is the BEST salt EVER. Order it and you’ll never go back to regular again.” – Jennifer Zeidler

    “Wonderful and savory. Great complement to the pepper. Really perks things up. High quality spices that make all the difference.” – Stacey Burkland

    “This stuff rocks!” – Chris Ferguson, Owner Bees Knees Food Co.

    “Plain and simple, these are the best peppercorns you’ll ever have and the pure, flaky, Icelandic Flake Sea Salt was just as impressive.” – Absolute Travel, from The Absolute Holiday Guide: 13 Gifts You Will Feel Good Giving That You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

    “Love the coarse, crunchy, mineral texture.” – Janet Fitzpatrick

    “I’ve never tasted sea salt with such a clean finish. It’s so good, I sometimes catch myself eating it plain like rock candy.” – Bill Eastburn


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    Customer Reviews

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    Product as advertised

    I recently ordered some salt, Icelandic Flake White Coarse, from The Reluctant Trader. The product was as advertised, and arrived promptly and in good condition. What else can a person ask for from a mail order company?.

    Love the Icelandic salt

    I use the Icelandic sea salt on most of my dishes. Love the flavor.

    Great Tasting Salt!

    I have been a salt "snob" for years. Jacobsen, French sea salt, Hawaiian salt, Himalayan salt and a few others. With this in mind, I purchased 16 ounces of Icelandic Flake White Sea Salt. Received the salt in a flash and "wow"-what a terrific tasting salt. The salt has a "smooth" melting sensation on your tongue and flavors food perfectly. Icelandic Flake Sea Salt is now my "go to" and favorite salt to use on all of my dishes. You CANNOT go wrong using this salt.
    On a different but related subject, I ordered the Tellicherry Peppercorns as well-"holy cow" it is the best tasting pepper I have ever used.

    Best Salt EVER!

    We have been using Icelandic Flake White Coarse Sea Salt in all our food. It really enhances the flavor of our meals and would not even think about using a different salt now.

    Pure white salt in a flask you used in chemistry

    Very nice, clean tasting salt in a crystal clear graduated flask suitable for liquid measuring if it is properly calibrated(I haven’t verified that yet)

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