Salted Cambodian Pepper Berries in Fleur de Sel, 2 oz

Salted Cambodian Pepper Berries in Fleur de Sel, 2 oz

Our Cambodian Salted Pepper Berries might just be our most exciting find of the last couple of years. These are as close to fresh peppercorns from the vine as you may ever get a chance to experience. 

The extraordinary pepper berries are soft and firm, not dry and hard like regular peppercorns. They've been perfectly preserved in tasty fleur de sel, sea salt. The berries come to us by way of a small Cambodian pepper plantation that has mastered the salty fermentation technique.

The pepper berries are picked fresh from the vine when they are green and slightly young. They turn black in the sea salt. 

We have been supplying these exact same berries to our Michelin Star and James Beard award-winning chefs across the country. They have been a big hit.

Pop a berry in your mouth and within 15 or 20 seconds, the taste and heat bloom. They are warming and flavorful, but won't burn unless you have more than a couple.

Use these pepper berries anywhere you'd use regular black pepper - just a couple of berries goes a long way. Add them to steaks, savory sauces, salads and soups. Wonderful in a gin and tonic or martini. And a great conversation piece with your cheese tray. They are so delicious, you might just find yourself eating them straight from the jar.

An ideal gift for the gourmand in your life. Also available as the ultimate foodie gift packaged in a gift bag with our Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt.

  • Cambodian Salted Pepper Berries Ingredients: Peppercorns (80%), Fleur del Sel Salt (20%).

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