New Small-Batch Salted Caramels - A sweet and salty gift idea

November 23, 2017


Small Batch Caramels

We've been supplying a small, artisan confectioner in Arkansas with our Icelandic Sea Salt for the last couple of years. They handcraft chocolate and caramels with our delicious sea salt. 

Then we started asking for samples. And wow! 

These handmade, salted caramels are melt-in-your-mouth decadent. (Actually, they're melt-in-MY-mouth decadent as I'm chewing one while writing this.) 

They're soft, chewy and buttery. Sweet, but not too sweet. And they have a savory finish thanks to our flaky Icelandic Sea Salt. 

Our artisan Salted Caramels ($15) make excellent stocking stuffers, holiday gifts and gifts for the host.