Our New Canvas Wine Gift Totes - Where the Past and Present Raise a Glass and Toast Each Other

December 04, 2015

For a brief time when we started, we were called The Reluctant Pepper Company. But it wasn't long before I wanted to add more items. So I changed the company name to The Reluctant Trading Experiment.

Today begins a new chapter of trading and experimentation (even if I'm not so reluctant anymore). If you know our story, you know that I met my spice partner in a previous life when I was developing textiles for my first company, The Land of Nod. Well, I felt it was time to bring in some textiles again.

Just like the old days, I worked with Michael Mabry to design the totes and Divakar in India to put them together. Unlike the old days, these items are associated with wine instead of sippy cups.

Our reusable, canvas wine totes come in lots of fresh styles and colors. And at just $7.50 each, they're ideal for stocking up for your next social event. Great for champagne too and that upcoming New Year's party.

Each includes a gift tag so the recipient will know who had the good taste in wine and in packaging.



The New Reluctant Trading Canvas Wine Gift Tote Bag Collection