A Short Film about My Trip the Peppercorn Jungles

December 12, 2013

Friends, The Reluctant Trading Experiment is one year-old today. For a business with both the words "Reluctant" and "Experiment" in its name, I think that's saying something.

In honor of the big day, I just posted a new documentary called "Out of Reluctance" that I shot on my trip to India last November. I was going to release it earlier in the year, but it didn't feel right coming out at the same time as the Hollywood version of the company story that you've probably seen.

Unlike the other film, this one features the real Divakar (my partner in pepper) as well as footage that I shot in India. I'm always astounded by what I see and experience there. I've always wanted to capture it and bring it back home to show you. This is my attempt.
"Out of Reluctance"
My trip to the peppercorn jungles in 2012

Some thanks are in order. Divakar, thank you for sending me that original jar of peppercorns. Your Tellicherry pepper really is life-changing.

A special thanks to Richard LaPorta for countless hours of artful editing on the documentary and to Michael Mabry for the beautiful, hand-illustrated titles. I feel lucky to work with both of you.

And of course, I'd like to say thanks for all of your support. Reluctant has reconnected me with so many of you and enabled me to make new friends both here and abroad. Being in business again has helped me better relate to the world. I have been a happier person even while being reluctant.

Sure, there have been many moments of doubt along the way. But each and every day, with your emails, Facebook likes, words of encouragement and orders, you have given me the confidence to follow my instincts again. Even when those instincts have taken me off the beaten path, quite literally, to the jungles of India and to the outskirts of Iceland.

I still have no business plan. No board of directors. And no exit strategy. It's all an experiment. And I'm enjoying it. Thanks for being part of it.

Reluctantly Yours,