Top 10 Alternative Icelandic T-Shirt Ideas

June 02, 2013

One of the popular t-shirts in the souvenir shops here is “Iceland, The Land of Fire and Ice.” Given the amount of volcanoes and glaciers on the island, it’s a pretty good line. But after traveling around, I thought of a lot of other t-shirts I wanted to see.

Iceland. A country so beautiful, nobody cares that we forgot the trees.

Iceland. Enjoy the summer. Because winter really sucks.

Iceland. Take an extra jacket or 10.

Iceland. Where driving around aimlessly is actually fun.

Iceland. Volcanoes R Us.

Iceland. No, “Ice, Ice, Baby” is not our national song, thank you very much.

Iceland. If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes. (But don’t wait 10).

Iceland. Bjorn and his friends are really nice.

Iceland. We hide licorice in chocolate just to keep Americans from moving here.

Iceland. If you think you’re so smart, try spelling the name of our capital.

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