Why Iceland? (Hint, it’s not because it starts with “I”)

May 28, 2013

First, let me dispel a popular theory floating around. I did not choose Iceland as my latest destination because it starts with the letter “I”. Yes, it’s true that I visited India last November. But there were several other choices available to me this time including Indonesia, Italy and Israel.

I chose Iceland because I discovered an interesting little Icelandic company hand-harvesting sea salt in a completely natural, eco-friendly way. Their flaky salt is tasty as all get-out, their story is inspiring and the country is stunningly beautiful (at least what I’ve seen in photos).

What do I know about Iceland and salt making? Precious little. But that’s the point. The Reluctant Trading Experiment isn’t about having all the answers. It’s about learning new things together. It’s about connecting through stories, pictures, ideas, words and food.

I’m looking forward to exploring this particular “I” country with you. Although, I have to admit, I am glad there are so many other “I” countries left before I use them all up.

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