Jungleland Preview - Sourcing Premium Peppercorns in the Jungles of India

November 02, 2012

Amazing trip to the peppercorn farms today. Actually, they're really peppercorn jungles that also include several other spices and fruits. Apart from the mosquitoes, ants, and spiders the size of dinner plates, it was an incredible experience. Unfortunately, I have an internet connection from 1997, so I can only post one photo right now.

Peppercorn vines in the jungles of Kerala, India

Back to Kannur tomorrow where I'll tell you everything you always wanted to know about peppercorns but were afraid to ask. Lots of new photos, too. On Sunday, we head south to Kochi for three days to sample more spices. It's an 8 hour drive through some of India's most beautiful countryside and backwaters. So stay tuned.