India – 2012

November 12, 2012

India – 2012

A peppercorn farmer in the jungles of India

Peppercorns growing on the vine in Kerala, India

My pal Divakar and his crew

Sorting at Divakar's place

Hindu gods, India

Kerala Kids posing and saying paneer!

Spending the evening at Divakar's house

The long and winding road to the plantations

Incredible India

Hairpin No. 3, Slow Down

Divakar on the edge of the peppercorn jungle

Indian scarecrow in a ginger field

Farmer pulling down pepper from the vine

Doesn't get any fresher than this

Pepper vines in the jungles of Kerala

Tea plantation Kerala India

Indian man and ladyquinn

Monkey see India

Organic White

Indian Workers Taking a Break

Calicut salesman in the market

Star anise in Kochi spice market

Kochi Spice Market

Divakar and Scott, November 2012

Marionettes in Kochi India

A handful of black gold

Man on the streets of Kochi India

Sleeping man in Kochi India

Bagging ginger in Kochi, India

Shutters on the streets of Kochi India

Handful of turmeric in Kerala India