Mini Mill Salt and Pepper Set, Black and White - 4.5"h

1 White and 1 Black Mini Mill

Proud to be named in Bon Appétit as a "Top 10 Great Specialty Food Store" - June 2017.

Piano keys. The Dalmatian. Citizen Kane. Our wooden Mini Mill Set. What do they all have in common? They're all classic black and white. 

It's also black and white that these mills function better than most others in the market.

That's because ours are made with the highest quality, Danish designed CrushGrind mechanisms. It's the same one we use in our most expensive mills. The ceramic grinder cuts through peppercorns and flake salt with just a twist of the mill. 

The mills are easy to load as well as the tops pull right off for easy loading. The grind can be fine tuned with the adjustable dial on the bottom. And they're made of solid wood. 

You'll find that our Mini Mills make for a colorful gift even in black and white. 

Also sold singly in Black and White.

  • Set of 2 mills: 1 Black and 1 White
  • Painted Wood
  • Each mill grinds whole peppercorns or Salt
  • Tops remove for easy filling
  • Adjustable coarseness setting using dial on bottom
  • Danish designed ceramic CrushGrind grinding mechanism
  • Each mill is 4.5"h x 2.25"dia. at base

To load peppercorns, hold bottom half and firmly pull the top straight up and off. Fine tune grind coarseness using gray dial on bottom of mill.

Do not substitute other peppercorn or salt brands in place of Reluctant because you know I’ll find out. Do not pass go.


Regular Non-Rush Delivery starts at just $3.95. It's very reasonable.

It's darn fast too. Almost all orders arrive in just a few days.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Would hate for you to be unhappy. The world has enough unhappiness. We're here to make you happy. Okedoke?

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Customer Reviews

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Lou L. Lou
The little pepper mill that could

I rarely write reviews, but in looking to refill my order for the wonderful pepper, I saw that I had received an email asking me to review the mill. All I have to say is that it was money well spent. The elegance in the simplicity and the sturdiness of the build is fantastic. I find myself using it regularly and have nothing but compliments for it. The way it feels in your palm let's you know it's a high quality product. I haven't yet tried adjusting the grind but it's nice to have the option. I expect this to continue to be a staple item in my kitchen for years to come.

Jarett J. Jarett
Mighty Little Pepper Mill

Small in size but a pleasure to use. Ordered just one but I see a few more of these in my future. Why?...Crush/Grind is the only way to go!!!

I would like one of the larger mills also but this little mill (not tiny, a little bigger than an average salt/pepper shaker perhaps) is a bargain considering it uses the crush/grind mechanism so I started with this one. So if price is a concern this mill is a no brainer and it holds plenty. Besides, not sure how the wife will react to the large mills so I am breaking this in slowly. 100% satisfied.


Wonderful looking, easy to use, spits out just the right size and amount of both. They look lovely on my table with my b/w color scheme (and some pops of color...maybe I'll order something else for the table in color).

Very please to know you're out there -- Jill

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