Clean and Simple Steel Spice Rack with 4 Jars

4 Jars + Rack
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At last, a clean and simple spice storage solution. (Yes, these racks live up to their name.)

The rack itself is made of solid, powder-coated steel with felt countertop protectors. The 4-Jar Set includes, you guessed it, four resin jars with white plastic lids. 

The lids pull off for filling. The lids slide open in two directions. One for sprinkling and one for pouring. 

We could go on and on about these spice racks. Actually, that's a lie. It's a spice rack for goodness sake. There's not much else to say. Except that we really like them. And they're also sold as a 6-Jar Set. 

Each jar: 3.75"h, 4"h in rack 
4-Jar Rack: 6.25"long x 1.5"deep
6-Jar Rack: 9.25"long x 1.5"deep


To clean, use a damp cloth with neutral detergent for both the spice rack and the spice jars.

Be sure the jars are completely dry after cleaning before filling.

Do not use a bristled brush to wash the rack, it may scratch the surface of the steel.

Neither the jars nor rack are dishwasher safe.

Do not substitute other spices in place of Reluctant because you know I’ll find out. Do not pass go.


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