Nutmeg, Whole

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When people think of nutmeg, they often think of holiday cookies and pumpkin pie. The flavor works well in baked goods when paired with cinnamon, clove, and cardamom.

But nutmeg is not only an ideal complement to sweets, but also to dairy-based dishes, meats and stews. The warm, spicy aroma also adds complexity to savory cooking.

Nutmegs are the seeds of the fruit from tropical evergreen trees. Our super fresh and aromatic nutmegs are chosen by my partner, Mr. Divakar, in a town called Kaladay in southern India.

Just like all of our spices, we supply our nutmeg to the most discerning, award-winning chefs around the country. We give you access to the exact same lots.

BTW, you always want to grate fresh nutmeg when you’re ready to use it so that you get the freshest flavor. Best to stay away from pre-ground nutmeg.

Fortunately, we offer the perfect tool for grating our whole nutmeg, our Microplane Spice Mill. It will help you go from grate to great.

And for those counting at home, a 2oz tube of our Indian nutmeg has approximately 18-22 seeds.

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