Icelandic Sea Salt in Glass Science Flask


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You don't have to be Walter White to appreciate this item. We're serving up our signature NaCl (Icelandic Coarse, Flaky White Sea Salt) in real glass Erlenmeyer flasks. They look cool as heck on any kitchen countertop, they're reusable and dishwasher safe. And they make awesome gifts.

The flasks aren't just eye candy. though. Our salt flasks are filled with 7.5 oz of the cleanest, crunchiest, most delicious coarse, flake sea salt from Iceland. Top chefs are using it from Chicago to Copenhagen.

Also makes a perfect pair or trio with our TePe (Tellicherry Peppercorn) and PeBl (5-Pepper Blend) gift flasks.

In the words of Jesse Pinkman, "Yeah, science!"

  • Our signature spices in giftable scientific flasks
  • Flaky White Icelandic Sea Salt, Net Wt. 7.5 oz
  • Flask: 6.5"h w/cork, 3.5"w at base, 250 ml
  • Authentic borosilicate glass flasks with cork stoppers
  • Flasks are dishwasher safe
  • Walter White approved

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Customer Reviews

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Great Tasting Salt!

I have been a salt "snob" for years. Jacobsen, French sea salt, Hawaiian salt, Himalayan salt and a few others. With this in mind, I purchased 16 ounces of Icelandic Flake White Sea Salt. Received the salt in a flash and "wow"-what a terrific tasting salt. The salt has a "smooth" melting sensation on your tongue and flavors food perfectly. Icelandic Flake Sea Salt is now my "go to" and favorite salt to use on all of my dishes. You CANNOT go wrong using this salt.
On a different but related subject, I ordered the Tellicherry Peppercorns as well-"holy cow" it is the best tasting pepper I have ever used.

Best Salt EVER!

We have been using Icelandic Flake White Coarse Sea Salt in all our food. It really enhances the flavor of our meals and would not even think about using a different salt now.

Pure white salt in a flask you used in chemistry

Very nice, clean tasting salt in a crystal clear graduated flask suitable for liquid measuring if it is properly calibrated(I haven’t verified that yet)

Icelandic flaky salt

Very happy with the Icelandic salt and the peppercorns we received. Shipped out quickly and we’re packaged up very nice. Excellent flavor and the flakes are the perfect size.

Fabulous Sea Salt from the West of Iceland

The salt is crisp and clean and very flavor enhancing ...also very easy to use ... the container is distinctive and makes it easily identifiable on the counter and therefore easily located ... I love this salt and will buy more

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