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Did you know there are actually two main types of cinnamon?

You're probably familiar with the one commonly found on supermarket shelves called cassia cinnamon. Cassia has a bigger more intense and singular flavor.

And then there's the less common type called Ceylon cinnamon. The special stuff. The crème de la cinnamon. Some call it true cinnamon or Mexican cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamon is the one that many bakers and chefs seek out. It's the variety we've sourced for you.

So what's the difference?

Both are harvested from the inner bark of evergreen trees. But the two varieties are grown in different countries and have different chemical compounds. 

Then there's the taste.

Someone said that tasting Ceylon cinnamon is like listening to your favorite vinyl record on a $4,000 stereo system, while Cassia cinnamon is like listening to an mp3 version in the car. I don't have a stereo like that, but I can imagine. 

With Ceylon cinnamon you will notice nuance - lighter, brighter citrus and floral notes. Ceylon is ideal for pastries, cakes, drinks, soups, and desserts. It charms without overpowering.

BTW, if you prefer to grind your cinnamon fresh, we also offer Ceylon cinnamon bark as well.

My partner on the ground in India, Mr. Divakar, sources our Ceylon cinnamon from a storied 250-year-old cinnamon estate in his hometown. Like all of our spices, Divakar ships to us directly, so nothing sits around getting old and stale.

While Ceylon cinnamon costs a bit more than cassia, just think how much you'll save on having to buy a $4,000 stereo.



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