Elephant Reserve, Thai Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Elephant Reserve Thai Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee is no longer available.

Our Elephant Reserve single origin Thai Coffee comes to us by way of Thu Pham, the superwoman behind Càphê, Philadelphia's only Vietnamese roastery. It also comes to us by way of an Elephant park, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

We partnered with Thu to offer this light roasted, clean, nutty single origin coffee. I’ve been drinking it without sugar and milk, and adore the tea-like clean taste.

You are welcome to add milk and sugar. Tastes delish either way. Elephant Reserve is whole bean coffee, so you will need a grinder. 

Okay, now for the elephant story.

The arabica beans come from 5,000 feet above sea level in Pa Miang, Thailand, which is home to Elephant Nature Park. ENP created a coffee initiative to rescue endangered elephants and to support local villagers. 

The park provides the initial coffee plants to the villages and teaches farming and processing techniques. The coffee has created many jobs, especially for marginalized women.

I visited this region of Thailand several years ago, and took photos of the elephants. They say an elephant never forgets, but I never forgot watching these massive creatures up close, taking a bath at sunrise. Thought you might enjoy seeing a few of my elephant snaps, so I included them in the listing. 


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Customer Reviews

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Marcella Burney
Wonderful coffee, wonderful story

I was so moved by the story behind your Elephant Reserve coffee that I had to try it. The fact that I love good, ethically sourced coffee made it all the more appealing. I should also mention that elephants are my favorite animals.
The coffee is rich and flavorful and at the same time mild and smooth, if that makes sense! A truly delicious and enjoyable coffee experience, which I look forward to every morning. Another RTE offering I am so excited about! Thank you for the pleasure you continue to bring to my palate.

Dan Shepardson
Best coffee I've had with my new Breville

Simply fantastic! Compared to Lacombe, LaVazza, etc. Even better than honey process coffee.