Reluctant Trading Spices Recommended by Chef Joshua McFadden in Best Selling Cookbook, Six Seasons

Posted on September 12, 2017 by Scott Eirinberg

We are humbled to be recommended in Chef Joshua McFadden's new nationally acclaimed cookbook, "Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables." It's sold thousands of copies and for good reason.

Proud to be featured in Chef Joshua McFadden's Best Selling cookbook

Joshua McFadden is the chef and owner of renowned trattoria Ava Gene’s in Portland, Oregon. After years racking up culinary cred at New York City restaurants like Lupa, Momofuku, and Blue Hill, he managed the trailblazing Four Season Farm in coastal Maine, where he developed an appreciation for every part of the plant and learned to coax the best from vegetables at each stage of their lives.

In Six Seasons, McFadden channels both farmer and chef, highlighting the evolving attributes of vegetables throughout their growing seasons. Each chapter begins with recipes featuring raw vegetables at the start of their season. As weeks progress, McFadden turns up the heat—grilling and steaming, then moving on to sautés, pan roasts, braises, and stews.

We're proud to be recommended in Chef Joshua McFadden's new cookbook

Six Seasons is loaded with delicious recipes

It's being applauded by both nationally recognized chefs and home cooks.

“Joshua McFadden has the soul of a farmer, and his recipes are beautifully in tune with the seasons and the land.” —Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse

Pick up the same peppercorns we supply to award-winning restaurant like Ava Gene's

“Joshua [understands] vegetables from the perspective of both a farmer and chef. His mouthwatering and terrific solutions get the most out of vegetables from their beginning to their last act on our plates.” —David Chang, chef/owner of Momofuku

“Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables is poised to join the veggie canon. Of the books I cooked through this month, Six Seasons excited me the most. The flavors are big. They’re also layered and complex, despite their apparent simplicity. What will really change your cooking is his approach to seasoning. Trust me: Read this book and you’ll never look at cabbage the same way again.” —Bon Appétit, 11 Spring Cookbooks You’ll Actually Cook From

Wait, did we mention one of our fave restaurants in Portland?

Top 5 Restaurant in Country Calls Reluctant Trading Pepper "Finest Tellicherry Peppercorns we have ever seen"

Posted on February 12, 2015 by Scott Eirinberg

I'm humbled. One of my restaurant customers in Portland, Ava Gene's, just published a list of their producers and they had some pretty darn good things to say about our Tellicherry Peppercorns:

"The Reluctant Trading Experiment imports truly the finest Tellicherry peppercorns we have ever seen. The flavor and fragrance is comparable to the complex notes of a fine aged wine. The company was founded by Scott Eirinberg with help from his friend and India connect Divakar, who convinced the 'reluctant' Scott that peppercorns were a worthwhile industry to pursue. Their story is indeed fascinating and comical."

Ava Gene's was named the #5 Best New Restaurant in America by Bon Appetit Magazine in 2013. They were also called one of the Top 21 Italian Restaurants in America by Thrillist. Stumptown Coffee Founder Duane Sorenson and critically acclaimed Chef Joshua McFadden are the guys behind the Gene's. Look for Chef McFadden's cookbook coming out soon.

When in Portland, do as the Portlanders do. Eat at Ava Gene's.

You can buy our Tellicherry Peppercorns here.


Ava Gene's Pasta

Ava Gene's Restaurant in Portland


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